A dialogue framework on the cross-border collaboration between Burundi and Rwanda is consolidating

17 March 2009 | News story

Organized by the IUCN, the forum of dialogue consolidation between the actors involved in the conservation of the national parks of Kibira in Burundi and Nyungwe in Rwanda was held from January 19 to 20, 2009 in Kayanza, Burundi. This activity is in line with the implementation of the Livelihoods and Landscape Strategy Programme in the Great Lakes region.

The approximately twenty participants recommended that IUCN should facilitate the enforcement of the arrangements stipulated in the memorandum signed between Burundi and Rwanda, especially for the establishment of the secretariat and the elaboration of the strategy of a cross-border collaboration. cleto.ndikumagenge@iucn.org  / dominique.endamana@iucn.org  

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