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Women in developing countries play a key role in helping communities adapt to the impacts of climate change, yet their voice is hardly heard in discussions on climate change.

Women take action in the face of climate change

A new IUCN publication outlining action plans for women to help them adapt to climate change and minimize its impact has been launched today at the 18th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Doha, Qatar. …  

26 Nov 2012 | News story

IUCN logo

IUCN is looking for a Director for its Brussels office

The Director of the IUCN Brussels Office represents the IUCN Secretariat and provides leadership and guidance for all activities undertaken by the Secretariat within the EU context in Brussels.    …  

23 Nov 2012 | News story
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Dugong SOS 11A-05-21 EWT 2011A-005

Answering the SOS call from the wild: dolphins, rhinos, tigers and others to benefit from more funding

Gland, Switzerland, 22 November 2012 (IUCN) Flagship species conservation initiative Save Our Species (SOS) is expanding its work with US$ 2.5 million funding for 25 new projects. …  

22 Nov 2012 | News story


A Wilder World , A Wilder Europe….

…is as possible as it is necessary. This is the message of WILD10, a collaborative conservation process occurring right now that will culminate in the 10th World Wilderness Congress in beautiful Salamanca, Spain, 4-10 October 2013.   …  

19 Nov 2012 | News story
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<em>Antipathes dichotoma </em>

Discovering biodiversity: 300 meters deep in the Italian sea

MoBioMarCal (Monitoring of Marine Biodiversity in Calabria), a scientific marine exploration project, has revealed a wealth of underwater species and diversity in Italy by using innovative technology which allows to film nature very deep in the sea. …  

05 Nov 2012 | News story
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Poster EU Pegaso project

A new highway connecting the Mediterranean

The principles of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) are being translated into concrete actions in ten different locations supported by a new Mediterranean information highway portal. …   | Spanish

31 Oct 2012 | News story

Mediterranean coast of Morocco

Morocco Ratifies the ICZM Protocol

The recent ratification of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Protocol by Morocco is a step forward towards a more sustainable use of the Mediterranean coast. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation of Spain, in its capacity of Depositary of the Treaty for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Mediterranean Seaside Region (Barcelona Convention), informs that on 21 September 2012, the Kingdom of Morocco deposited the Ratification Instrument of the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean (ICZM). …  

29 Oct 2012 | News story

Hyderabad CBD COP11, City and Subnational Biodiversity Summit

French associations of local and regional authorities together for biodiversity

During the 11th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity which took place last week in India, French associations of cities and regions joined forces for biodiversity. A joint declaration, initiated by the IUCN French National Committee, was signed to show common commitments.  …  

24 Oct 2012 | News story
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Formation des pêcheurs - Planification participative

Pêcheurs protagonistes de la conservation du PN d' Alhouceima

Depuis la création en mars 2012 du Comité de Suivi et de Surveillance contre la pêche illégale dans la zone du Parc National d'Al Hoceima, sur la côte méditerranéenne du Maroc, une nouvelle dynamique locale a été créée, basée, principalement, sur un processus participatif où les pêcheurs sont les protagonistes des décisions adoptées en collaboration avec l'administration. …   | Spanish

15 Oct 2012 | News story


Restauración ecológica de estepas y pastos en regiones semiáridas

Los días 17, 18 y 19 de Octubre, se realizará en la Universidad de Alicante un Taller sobre “Restauración ecológica de estepas y pastos en regiones semiáridas” para el intercambio de experiencias entre España y otros países del Norte de África. …  

15 Oct 2012 | News story