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Children in Anggra-Arfak Mountains, West Papua

Forests and poverty: the latest thinking

Gill Shepherd, IUCN Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy Thematic Adviser on Poverty and Landscapes, speaks on the latest thinking on forests and poverty, drawing from lessons that have come out of IUCN's innovative 'Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy' (LLS). …  

27 Jan 2011 | Video

Communicating Forest Values

Communicating Forest Values: Arborvitae Editorial

An introduction to the special issue of Arborvitae newsletter by Stewart Maginnis, Head of IUCN’s Forest Conservation Programme and Keith Wheeler, Chair of IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication.

27 Jan 2011 | News story

Pygmy Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit – species hopping out of view?

Background: Celebrations begin on Thursday 3 February 2011 to mark the Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Rabbit. However, as we enter this new cycle in the Chinese zodiac, conservationists are warning that, in spite of their reputation as prolific breeders, nearly one in four rabbits, hares and pikas - from the order known as lagomorphs - are classified as Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. …  

26 Jan 2011 | Media advisory

Business unusual

The Economics of Nature: Taking stock, sharing action

The IUCN UK National Committee's second themed conference on 'The Economics of Nature: taking stock, sharing action' was held on Thursday 16th November 2010 in London, in partnership with Carbon Leapfrog. A conference video is now available. …  

25 Jan 2011 | News story

A tiger in the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, India

All eyes on Manas

A UNESCO-IUCN monitoring mission to the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, India’s only World Heritage Site on the Danger List, will evaluate the progress made so far to increase the population of key species, including tigers, Indian elephants and great one-horned rhino. …  

25 Jan 2011 | News story

Message de l’Unité des relations avec les Membres du Groupe de soutien institutionnel de l’UICN

Véronique Zurcher, Chargée des relations avec les Membres, souligne les principales priorités pour 2011. …   | English | Spanish

25 Jan 2011 | News story

Miyun County, Beijing China

Closer to forests, out of poverty

The forests that provide most of Beijing’s water are being given a new lease of life by the partial lifting of a logging quota for the first time in 20 years. 

24 Jan 2011 | Article

Malva Nut _ Team Meeting

Going nuts about forests

In Laos, the sustainable harvesting of medicinal seeds from the native malva nut tree is helping to improve both the lives of local people and the state of the region’s forests. …  

24 Jan 2011 | News story

View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests

Les forêts de la planète sont indispensables à la vie - UICN

New York, États-Unis d’Amérique, 24 janvier 2011 (UICN) – L’UICN appelle à consacrer plus de ressources à la protection de l’extraordinaire richesse des forêts et à la restauration des milieux forestiers dégradés. À l’occasion de l’Année internationale des forêts, la plus grande union environnementale du monde veut sensibiliser la communauté internationale à l’importance des forêts. …   | English | Spanish

24 Jan 2011 | News story

arborvitae 42 - La comunicación sobre el valor de los bosques

La lettre d’information arborvitae, no. 42: Communiquer sur le thème des valeurs forestières

  • Qu’est ce qu’une forêt? Pour la plupart des personnes, les forêts sont au mieux quelque chose d’agréable à regarder, un endroit où faire promener leur chien, un refuge loin du tohu-bohu de la vie quotidienne. Au pire, elles sont perçues comme sombres et dangereuses et peu intéressantes
  • Perspective: Il est temps d’éradiquer le message d’extinction... Le message d’ «amour» l’emporte sur le message de «détresse» pour attirer l’attention du public.
  | English | Spanish

21 Jan 2011 | Downloads - publication