Nouvelles des Membres et pour les Membres

The Peoples' History of the Nagoya Protocol: Biocultural Jurisprudence and the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing

Authored by Dr. Dan Robinson of the University of New South Wales and Kabir Bavikatte. …  

15 Apr 2011 | Downloads - document
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Europe farmers

Understanding Community Conservation in Europe

Workshop announcement and call for contributions
(Deadline for submitting abstracts 30th April, 2011) …  

12 Apr 2011 | News story
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Junta de Andalucia

Cooperación transfronteriza España – Marruecos

En el marco del proyecto IntegraRBIM en el que participa UICN, las jornadas debatirán el patrimonio etnológico de la región. …  

12 Apr 2011 | Event

Logotipo Comité Español de UICN

220 voluntarios plantan 2.000 árboles en Alcalá de Henares

2.000 nuevos árboles pueblan el Parque de los Cerros gracias a la iniciativa conjunta de la Embajada de los Países Bajos en España y el Comité Español de la UICN …  

12 Apr 2011 | News story

Blue carbon

Degraded coastal wetlands contribute to climate change

Drainage and degradation of coastal wetlands emit significant amounts of carbon dioxide directly to the atmosphere and lead to decreased carbon sequestration, a new report has found. …  

11 Apr 2011 | News story

Better than working in an office!

Winning hearts and minds

Lalao Aigrette - Madagascar

For decades, biologists have campaigned for marine reserves, struggling with the mistrust or disapproval of fishermen. Lalao Aigrette, a dedicated Malagasy conservationist, is taking on this challenge amongst remote fishing communities in some of the most biodiverse regions of Madagascar. And she’s seeing some impressive results. …  

11 Apr 2011 | News story

Ngwe Lwin demonstrating the use of GPS software

Sneezing in the rain

Ngwe Lwin - Myanmar

It may be more common these days to hear doom and gloom stories of biodiversity loss and environmental degradation, but exciting discoveries of new species do happen and give heart to conservationists the world over. …  

11 Apr 2011 | News story

Infrastructure provides a level of comfort for eco-tourists

Nature Seychelles builds infrastructure for conservation

 Providing infrastructure is not the sexy part of conservation and conservationists are usually not interested in it, but someone has to do it. Nature Seychelles (IUCN Member) has over the last two years raised about USD600,000 to improve facilities and equipment. In most countries effective conservation is dependent on good infrastructure and equipment. Without good information technology, equipment, vehicles, boats, information centres, accommodation, roads, supply of potable water and electricity, it would be very difficult to undertake world class conservation action. …  

08 Apr 2011 | News story
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Private Sector

IUCN helps businesses value nature

Today, IUCN and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) released a Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (CEV) – a new message to enhance business understanding of the benefits and value of ecosystem services like fresh water, food, fibre and protection against natural disasters. …  

08 Apr 2011 | News story

Cambio Climático y Vino 2011

Kofi Annan, climate change and wine debate in Malaga

The former secretary general for the United Nations will be the keynote speaker of the III World Congress on Climate Change and Wine to take place in Marbella (Malaga, Spain) on 13 and 14 April 2011 with the participation of IUCN. …   | Spanish

06 Apr 2011 | Event