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European Conservation Forum

Voices from the Forum

It is the third day at the European Conservation Forum in Bonn, Germany. We have asked some participants their impressions on these first days of discussions on the new IUCN Programme. …  

08 Sep 2011 | News story
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Dr Alejandro Iza, Director IUCN Environmental Law Centre, chairs the 'Strengthening Water Diplomacy in Transboundary Basins' seminar

Overcoming challenges to water cooperation

With more than 270 transboundary rivers worldwide, and threats such as climate change, the need for improved capacity in managing water resources sustainably and equitably has never been greater. …  

06 Sep 2011 | News story

RCF Europe

“Switch to action!” starts today!

The IUCN European Conservation Forum has opened its doors today in Bonn, Germany. This is one of eleven such Forums taking place around the world this year in preparation for the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju in September 2012. …  

06 Sep 2011 | News story

Join the debate!

UN DPI meeting: day two

In the second day of the Conference, IUCN made a presentation at the roundtable on Green Economy. The main message was that the Biodiversity Strategic Plan adopted in Nagoya in 2010 has basic elements that contribute to achieving the Green Economy. It was well received by participants as there are only a few who bring to the discussion the importance of biodiversity and the successful outcomes of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Many organizations tend to remember the failures of climate change instead of bringing up the good outcomes of other environmental meetings …  

04 Sep 2011 | News story
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UN DPI NGO Conference

UN DPI meeting: day one

The meeting of civil society in Bonn organized by the UN Department of Public Information (UN DPI) held on September 2-5, 2011 in Bonn is an important opportunity for NGOs and stakeholders to compare notes and unite voices on the main issues to be discussed at Rio, in June 2012. As the tradition dictates, the hosting government of Germany will submit the declaration adopted by civil society at this meeting as an input to the zero draft on November 1 to the Rio conference secretariat. Hence, this meeting and the declaration that will result from it is a significant opportunity for civil society to influence the Rio Conference. …  

03 Sep 2011 | News story
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Malawi forms a National Committee, Carl Bruessow elected Chair

IUCN Members in Malawi met in Blantyre today to establish the IUCN National Committee of Malawi. The Committee intends to facilitate co-operation among the Members of IUCN in Malawi, and co-ordinate the components of IUCN in the country. The Committee has also committed to motivating participation of members in Malawi in the programme and governance of IUCN. …  

01 Sep 2011 | News story
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Creating a web of life, an activity at the World Scout Jamboree 2011

1,000 hours of environmental education at World Scout Jamboree

IUCN ran 24 two-hour workshops for over 500 Scouts of 27 nationalities at the Global Development Village. CEC Focal Point Rod Abson shares the event report.  …  

01 Sep 2011 | News story

West Norwegian Fjords

What future for biodiversity in Europe?

The forthcoming European Conservation Forum, taking place from 6 to 9 September in Bonn, Germany, will be a major opportunity to discuss the way forward for biodiversity in Europe. With some 370 IUCN Members and a large number of scientists as members of IUCN’s Commissions in Europe, the outcomes of this Forum will be instrumental in defining IUCN’s priority actions for the next four years, writes Hans Friederich, Regional Director for Europe. …  

01 Sep 2011 | Article

Foro Sudamericano de Miembros UICN. Lima, Perú, julio 2011.

Sudamérica se prepara para el Congreso Mundial de la Naturaleza 2012

La ola que el primer Foro Sudamericano de Miembros de UICN levantó en Lima, el pasado mes de julio, continúa alta. La comunicación promovida entre los constituyentes ha generado tanta acción que, hoy, la Comisión de Derecho Ambiental se moviliza para apoyar al Comité Nacional Chileno en la revisión de una norma ambiental importante; mientras la Secretaría en Quito anuncia la realización de dos reuniones claves: una virtual, del Comité Regional; y otra de las Vicepresidencias de Comisiones. …   | English

30 Aug 2011 | News story
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SOS, frog

Listen to frogs singing!

Ever heard a frog singing? Listen to six species of frog calls in Tamá Bi-national Park / Colombia. "The calls of frogs are essential to identify the species, because each species has a particular call", says project leader Aldemar Acevedo. …  

29 Aug 2011 | News story