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With an estimated commercial value exceeding US$2 billion per year, the Mekong is the world’s most valuable inland fishery

Establishment of IPBES: Implications for global, regional and national policy

In a recent article, Ibrahim Thiaw and Richard Munang from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have outlined a number of ways forward for the newly created IPBES. Those include finding innovative ways to combine existing knowledge systems, engaging civil society and integrating economic thinking into biodiversity and ecosystem protection. …  

10 May 2012 | News story

The Montserrat "Mountain Chicken" (Leptodactylus fallax)

Mountain chicken frogs back in Montserrat

Scientists from the IUCN Member organisations are hoping that one of the world's largest frogs is singing songs of love on the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat and not just singing in the rain. Mating calls would mean the so-called "mountain chicken" frogs are looking to breed and hopefully dodge extinction. …  

10 May 2012 | News story

Tapires en Ecuador.

Día Nacional del Tapir en Ecuador

Hoy, 9 de mayo, unámonos a este festejo por una especie libre de amenazas y por un ambiente sano, sin contaminación. …  

09 May 2012 | News story
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Kanyinke Sena, African Representative to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues with his Kenyan State counterpart at the PoWPA

Report on TILCEPA PoWPA Training Program

Drs Margaret Jacobsohn (Namibia) and Nigel Crawhall (South Africa) of the WCPA-CEESP inter-Commission Theme on Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, Equity and Protected Areas (TILCEPA) ran a half-day session on governance of Protected Areas at the CBD capacity building workshop on the Programme of Work for Protected Areas for Central, East and Southern Africa, 30 January – 3 February 2012. The workshop was held outside of Cape Town, South Africa. …  

09 May 2012 | News story
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Raise your hands to vote

Pour qui voterez-vous ?

Découvrez les 49 candidats au Conseil de l’UICN 2013-2016 sur les pages Internet du Congrès. …   | English | Spanish

08 May 2012 | News story

Wild Wonders of Europe - wolf

Rewilding in Europe through biosphere reserves

Europe is currently in the middle of an exceptional wildlife comeback boom due to large-scale abandonment of farmland. This phenomenon is particularly notable in the continent’s mountainous areas, which are running wild with robust, resilient nature. The time has never been more ripe for the conservation of biodiversity in Europe.   …  

04 May 2012 | News story
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Proyecto Buena Governanza del Agua y Cambio Climático

Animated video on climate change adaptation

A new animated video 'Adaptación al Cambio Climático: Gente y Ecosistemas', was recently developed by the IUCN Mesoamerica office. …  

30 Apr 2012 | News story

IUCN's Earth Day booth on the National Mall.

A successful Earth Day weekend!

Even pouring rain couldn’t prevent IUCN from participating in Earth Day weekend on the National Mall. Check out the pictures to the right of our Earth Day festivities! …  

27 Apr 2012 | News story


IUCN teams up with America’s Cup to protect the world’s oceans

IUCN is working with the prestigious America’s Cup sailing event to encourage the world to rediscover our oceans and make greater efforts to protect them. …  

27 Apr 2012 | News story

Lone hiker on Redcliff Beach in Yuraygir National Park, Australia

Nominer dès aujourd’hui votre champion des aires protégées - le Prix Packard

Date limite des candidatures : le 15 Juin 2012. …   | English

26 Apr 2012 | News story
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