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Science needn't cost the earth

Background: Key decisions which could help to reverse the current extinction crisis will be decided at the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice or SBSTTA, which takes place in Nairobi, Kenya from 10 to 21 May 2010. Decisions taken in Nairobi will provide a scientific basis for discussions that will take place in October in Nagoya, Japan, at the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. …  

04 May 2010 | Media advisory

Cozumel Emerald Hummingbird

World governments fail to deliver on 2010 biodiversity target

Background: World leaders have failed to deliver commitments made in 2002 to reduce the global rate of biodiversity loss by 2010, and have instead overseen alarming biodiversity declines. These findings are the result of a new paper published in the journal Science and represent the first comprehensive assessment of how the targets made through the 2002 Convention on Biological Diversity have not been met. …  

29 Apr 2010 | Media advisory

African rhino

Put CITES on your menu

Background: Key decisions on the international trade of bluefin tuna, sharks, polar bears and coral, among many other species, will be decided at the 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which takes place from 13 to 25 March 2010, in Doha, Qatar. …  

11 Mar 2010 | Media advisory

Vue paysage Burkinabè

Changement climatique: inverser la tendance - revenir vers la nature

COP15 de la CCNUCC : 7 au 18 décembre, Copenhague
Les dirigeants mondiaux réunis à Copenhague devraient s’engager fermement et définir un calendrier pour la mise en place, dès que possible, d’un traité contraignant relatif au régime du changement climatique pour l’après-2012. 
  …   | English | Spanish

23 Nov 2009 | Media advisory

Spinner dolphins in the Red Sea marine protected area (Egypt)

Protection des océans : nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre un échec – UICN

Les enjeux les plus urgents touchant à l’environnement marin seront abordés lors du premier Congrès international sur la conservation marine, qui se tiendra à Washington du 19 au 24 mai. Le Congrès, qui vise à mettre en pratique les acquis scientifiques de la conservation, abordera notamment le changement climatique, la pauvreté et la mondialisation, les aires protégées marines, la pêche et l’aquaculture. Des décideurs, des scientifiques et des gestionnaires du milieu marin se réuniront pour échanger des idées et trouver des modalités susceptibles de répondre aux problèmes communs de la planète. L’UICN mettra en exergue l’importance des aires protégées marines et des mesures de précaution afin de protéger nos océans du changement climatique, de l’acidification et des utilisations humaines intensives.   …   | English | Spanish

13 May 2009 | Media advisory

“Protecting Marine Biodiversity beyond National Jurisdiction

Greening blue energy: IUCN’s partnership project with E.ON underway

The potential impact of offshore and marine-based renewable energy on marine biodiversity is not negligible. IUCN has therefore embarked on a partnership with the multinational energy corporation E.ON to improve the environmental performance of offshore renewable energy projects covering offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. …  

30 Mar 2009 | Media advisory

people, climate, species/ecosystems, disasters are all issues that IUCN addresses

Changing the climate forecast - IUCN

IUCN hopes to see the roadblocks to a meaningful agreement on fighting climate change removed, especially given the climate agenda of the newly elected US government. Climate change is already affecting people and nature. …  

17 Nov 2008 | Media advisory

Sava River, Slovenia

World Water Day: Sanitizing our water sources

While billions of people lack access to proper sanitation, millions of kilometers of rivers are getting more polluted everyday. …  

20 Mar 2008 | Media advisory

Windturbine and rapeseed

Davos to fuel climate and energy debate – IUCN

The World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, (January 23 – 27) provides an unrivalled platform for leaders to shape the global agenda at the start of each year. At its core this is the world’s largest gathering of business leaders, along with government, media and civil society. …  

23 Jan 2008 | Media advisory