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Orange roughy haul with related by-catch

Protect the oceans to prevent commercial fisheries

Berlin conference on marine protected areas in European waters and high seas (18-20 April) will chart way forward for marine conservation …  

18 Apr 2007 | International news release


Marine Summit calls for dramatic increase in ocean protection

IUCN Marine Protected Area Summit issues strategy to counter escalating threats to the world’s oceans …  

13 Apr 2007 | International news release

GBR Bleaching

Protecting oceans and coasts will help millions of people survive climate change

IUCN Marine Protected Area Summit in Washington, DC opens today with call for better protection of our seas to counter climate change and other threats to the marine environment …  

10 Apr 2007 | International news release


Water markets can overcome the global water crisis

Water pricing needs to reflect contribution of natural ecosystems to water quality and quantity, says a new publication by the World Conservation Union …  

22 Mar 2007 | International news release

Shortfin Mako

More oceanic sharks added to the IUCN Red List

Expert findings show even the fastest, widest ranging sharks are threatened by overfishing as more species added to IUCN Red List of Threatened Species …  

22 Feb 2007 | International news release

Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General of the World Conservation Union and Markus Akermann, CEO Holcim Ltd

Holcim and the World Conservation Union join forces to conserve biodiversity

Leading building materials company Holcim and the World Conservation Union (IUCN) have signed a cooperation agreement to work jointly on ecosystem conservation and biodiversity issues relevant to the building materials sector …  

19 Feb 2007 | International news release

Camel caravan in Komadugu Yobe river basin, North East Nigeria

Nomadism benefits the economy, new study shows

New report on the economics of nomadism reveals importance of this traditional lifestyle to the income of developing countries and international trade …  

06 Feb 2007 | International news release

Whale photographe

Carcass of critically endangered whale found in fishing gear off Japan’s coast

A critically endangered Western Pacific Gray Whale (Western Gray Whale) has recently died off the Pacific coast of Japan after becoming trapped in fishing gear. …  

01 Feb 2007 | International news release

Incendie en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Les financements publics outre-mer ignorent largement les enjeux écologiques

Selon une vaste étude menée sur deux ans par le Comité français de l’UICN (Union mondiale pour la nature), les financements publics dont bénéficie l’outre-mer n’intègrent pas suffisamment les enjeux écologiques. Le constat général est très décevant. …  

11 Jan 2007 | International news release