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Lydia Slobodian

Welcome to the ELC - a new Legal Officer

It is a pleasure to introduce a new member of staff, Legal Officer Lydia Slobodian, who joined the Environmental Law Centre in February. …  

14 Mar 2014 | News story

Un Congreso Virtual del Agua

Congreso Interdisciplinar del Agua (CINA 2014)

Ya pueden realizar la inscripción o enviar comunicación, previa preinscripción.

Un congreso virtual (online) de investigación sobre los retos y perspectivas del agua del 2 a 6 de junio de 2014.

Quiere ser un punto de encuentro para la comunicación y relación entre todas aquellas personas que investigan desde cualquier ámbito en cuestiones relacionadas con el agua.

Rogamos den difusión y esperamos poder contar con su participación.

Para más información ver página web CINA 2014 en http://cina2014.org o http://webs.uvigo.es/congresoagua/

Campus del Agua Universidad de Vigo …   | English

06 Feb 2014 | News story

Screenshot Mesolex

Promoting climate change adaptation through a regional knowledge data base - Mesolex

Today IUCN, led by the Environmental Law Centre, launched Mesolex, a web database providing the most comprehensive collection on environmental law and policy in Central America. Mesolex derives from ECOLEX, an information system and service for environmental law information worldwide, and is tailored for the needs in the Mesoamerican region. …  

20 Dec 2013 | News story

Juan Carlos Sanchez

Blog: Flexibility and adaptability, ingredients for transboundary success

Blog by Juan Carlos Sanchez. One of the key messages that came out of this year’s World Water Week in Stockholm is that climate change presents an opportunity for transboundary cooperation. After a series of seminars on this topic, there seemed to be several arguments supporting this. …  

11 Nov 2013 | News story

Aichi target 11

Legal Approaches for Achieving Aichi Biodiversity Target 11

During the seventeenth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice to the Convention on Biological Diversity, on 14-18 October in Montreal, the IUCN Environmental Law Centre presented a scoping paper on the role of law in achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Target 11.

The paper, which was developed by the ELC in collaboration with Natural Justice, is one of four new legal studies to explore how law can contribute to country actions on biodiversity incentives, protected areas, ecosystem services and the ratification of the Nagoya Protocol (Aichi Biodiversity Targets 3, 11, 14 and 16). The studies collate knowledge on the legal foundations and identify promising approaches to achieving the Targets. …  

22 Oct 2013 | News story

The future of water: what SDG will be set for the post2015 development agenda

Budapest Water Summit: Water post Rio+20

IUCN experts are attending the Budapest Water Summit, taking place 8-11 October, which will gather the international community to form a recommendation to the UN for a Sustainable Development Goal focused on water and sanitation. …  

07 Oct 2013 | News story

World Water Week Stockholm

Adaptive Water Governance in Action

One of the key messages coming from this year's World Water Week in Stockholm was that climate change is an opportunity for transboundary cooperation. After a series of different seminars and side events dedicated to exploring this topic, there are several arguments that support this.

It is clear that a growing number of eco regions and countries are experiencing rising levels of water stress as climate change is putting additional pressure on the availability of water resources. This is experienced mainly through higher variability, intensity and frequency of droughts and floods. In a transboundary context, the additional pressure on water resources leaves two options. Firstly, States can opt for unilateral action motivated by self-interest in a context of competition over water. However, this can exacerbate existing regional tensions and may eventually lead to conflict. Secondly, the vital nature of freshwater can also be seen as a key ingredient for cooperation. …  

26 Sep 2013 | News story
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The Steering Committee of ECOLEX sets new goals for the future

The 20th ECOLEX Steering Committee met at the IUCN Environmental Law Centre in Bonn in September. The circumstances of the meeting were sad as the main catalysts of the ECOLEX project, Barbara Moauro and Dr. Francoise Burhenne-Guilmin, recently passed away.

The representatives of FAO, IUCN, and UNEP acknowledged the outstanding passion of both to establish and develop the partnership to current status and the tremendous loss of knowledge for the project.It was agreed to continue the work and make all efforts to move forward the legacy: access to information on environmental law and policy. …  

23 Sep 2013 | News story

Francoise Burhenne-Guilmin

A tribute to Françoise Burhenne-Guilmin

It is with great sadness that IUCN announces the passing of Dr Françoise Burhenne-Guilmin after a protracted illness.

This is a tremendous loss to the organisation and, in particular, to its Environmental Law community.

26 Aug 2013 | News story
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High seas

The high seas call for more transparency

At the United Nations Headquarters on Friday, governments agreed to start scoping the content and feasibility of a new international legal agreement to conserve marine biodiversity in the two-thirds of the ocean that lies beyond the jurisdiction of individual States. This signals a strong shift in political opinion in favour of a new agreement, though the final outcome of these talks remains unclear. …  

25 Aug 2013 | News story

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