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Woman collecting firewood, Puttalam, Sri Lanka

Towards an IUCN strategy for sustainable bioenergy

“By 2016, bioenergy responsibly contributes to biodiversity conservation, climate change solutions and sustainable livelihoods, as part of building resilient ecological and socio-economic systems.” This is IUCN’s working vision for sustainable bioenergy, an outcome of a recent workshop that convened Members, partners, Commissions and IUCN staff to develop an IUCN bioenergy strategy.* …  

18 Feb 2011 | News story
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Voces para Bosques Sustentables

24 videos on Amazonian forests of Ecuador / Voces para Bosques Sustentables

Experts speak plainly about the Amazonian forests of Ecuador in this series of 24 videos. In this interview, Ana Puyol says the Spanish-language videos are useful for community radio, schools and the media. …  

10 Feb 2011 | News story

Conferencia Preparatoria de Propuestas para la Reunión Global sobre el Mecanismo de Donación. Pachacamac, Perú. Febrero, 2011

Pueblos indígenas y comunidades locales de Latinoamérica analizan el Mecanismo de Donación del Programa de Inversión Forestal

Alrededor de 25 representantes de pueblos indígenas y comunidades locales de América Latina, discutieron del 2 al 4 de febrero en Pachamac, Perú la propuesta para la creación y el funcionamiento del Mecanismo de Donación dedicado a Pueblos Indígenas y comunidades locales (MD), para el apoyo a las estrategias nacionales REDD. …   | English

07 Feb 2011 | News story

Video message of IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Ramsar Convention

IUCN congratulates the Ramsar Convention on its 40th anniversary

Video message of IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Ramsar Convention …  

02 Feb 2011 | News story

Sitio Ramsar Jaaukanigás". Santa Fe, Argentina.

Día Mundial de los humedales se celebra hoy

El lema para 2011 es “Los Humedales y los Bosques”. Este año, la Convención Ramsar celebra también su 40º aniversario.

02 Feb 2011 | News story

Wetlands of Viet Nam

World Wetlands Day – Healthy forests, healthy wetlands

Wetlands, such as mangroves, peat forests and freshwater swamp forests, are home to a wealth of biodiversity. To mark this year’s World Wetlands Day on Wednesday 2 February, IUCN is highlighting the role and importance of forests in wetlands, of particular poignancy as 2011 is the International Year of Forests. …  

01 Feb 2011 | News story

Message de l’Unité des relations avec les Membres du Groupe de soutien institutionnel de l’UICN

Véronique Zurcher, Chargée des relations avec les Membres, souligne les principales priorités pour 2011. …   | English | Spanish

25 Jan 2011 | News story

View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests

Les forêts de la planète sont indispensables à la vie - UICN

New York, États-Unis d’Amérique, 24 janvier 2011 (UICN) – L’UICN appelle à consacrer plus de ressources à la protection de l’extraordinaire richesse des forêts et à la restauration des milieux forestiers dégradés. À l’occasion de l’Année internationale des forêts, la plus grande union environnementale du monde veut sensibiliser la communauté internationale à l’importance des forêts. …   | English | Spanish

24 Jan 2011 | News story

Revista Conservación Mundial, enero 2011

El Gran Plan: la conservación en los próximos años

Está disponible en forma impresa y en línea, el último número de Conservación Mundial. …  

19 Jan 2011 | News story
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The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests.

IUCN welcomes ‘Forests 2011’ - International Year of Forests

The world’s forests are essential to life in all its diversity and to attaining humanity’s biggest goals such as reducing poverty, curbing climate change and achieving sustainable development. Throughout 2011 IUCN will work towards making sure that forests deliver their maximum potential for human well-being and biodiversity conservation. …   | Spanish

03 Jan 2011 | News story

South American regional office