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Call for Expressions of Interest: Contributing to the BIOPAMA Regional Observatory for Biodiversity and Protected Areas in West and Central Africa.

BIOPAMA will establish a regional Observatory for Biodiversity and Protected Areas in the West and Central Africa that will be hosted for a pilot phase within the Observatory for Central African Forests (OFAC as French acronym for Observatoire des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale). To this end, BIOPAMA is seeking organisations in the region that have an interest in contributing to the BIOPAMA Observatory and that share the vision of BIOPAMA for West and Central Africa. …  

18 Feb 2014 | News story

Malayan Pangolin (Manis javanica) 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species status: Endangered

United for Wildlife commits to tackle the illegal wildlife trade

The Duke of Cambridge today joined the United for Wildlife organisations, including IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), at a symposium hosted by the Zoological Society of London to discuss the coordinated international effort that is required to combat the illegal wildlife trade. …  

12 Feb 2014 | News story

Kaçkar Mountains Artvin Yusufeli Beekeeping Activities

Terms of Reference for IPBES expert selection

The IPBES Secretariat has provided additional information to guide the ongoing nomination of experts for the IPBES work programme. Please consult these Terms of Reference (ToRs) in relation to the work expected from experts, and the selection, responsibilities, time commitment, duration of appointment and availability of support. The nominations are due 28 February 2014. …  

12 Feb 2014 | News story

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L’UICN recherche des experts en Guinée

Dans le but de renforcer son équipe en charge du Partenariat pour l’Amélioration de la Gouvernance Environnementale en Afrique de l’Ouest (PAGE) en Guinée, le Programme Afrique Centrale et Occidentale de l’UICN recherche :

  • Un Coordonnateur Unité Opérationnelle du PAGE
  • Un Assistant Comptable (Unité Opérationnelle du PAGE)

06 Feb 2014 | News story

Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2013

A global perspective on re-introduction

From mangroves to spiders, trout to bobcat, the latest edition of Global Re-introduction Perspectives presents 52 case studies on re-introduction projects from around the world. …  

05 Feb 2014 | News story

Brushed aluminium

Global standard for sustainability in the aluminium industry open for public consultation

Industry representatives including Nespresso, Audi, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Tetra Pak have put forward criteria for a global standard for sustainable aluminium production. The standard is part of the IUCN-led Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), whose aim is to foster responsible environmental, social and governance performance throughout the entire aluminium value chain. …  

03 Feb 2014 | News story

Global Freshwater Fish BioBlitz

Conservation Groups Launch "Global Freshwater Fish BioBlitz", Inviting 'Citizen Scientists' to Help Monitor Fish Species

The ‘Global Freshwater Fish BioBlitz’ kicks off on World Wetlands Day to engage nature lovers in freshwater fish conservation. The Freshwater Fish Specialist Group (FFSG), of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Wetlands International, has joined forces with other international groups, namely World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, FishBase, the Fisheries Society of the British Isles and the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network, to introduce this new global initiative. The BioBlitz project, designed by, will be hosted on the FFSG website. …  

02 Feb 2014 | News story

Ramsare Leaflet JMZH2014

Journée mondiale des zones humides 2014 : allier zones humides et agriculture

Chaque année, le 2 février, la Journée mondiale des zones humides commémore la signature de la Convention sur les zones humides, le 2 février 1971, dans la ville iranienne de Ramsar, au bord de la mer Caspienne. En 2013, on comptait 168 pays signataires de cette convention. …  

02 Feb 2014 | News story

Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas

Launch of the first online Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas

A new online Atlas of freshwater biodiversity presenting spatial information and species distribution patterns will be launched today at the landmark Water Lives symposium, bringing together European Union policy makers and freshwater scientists. Freshwaters are incredibly diverse habitats; they cover less than 1% of the Earth’s surface yet are home to 35% of all vertebrate species. Sadly, freshwater life is declining at an alarming rate, faster than any other component of global biodiversity. …  

29 Jan 2014 | News story


Nominate experts for the work of IPBES

In January 2014, IPBES issued a call for nominations of experts through IPBES member governments and other relevant stakeholders to help implementing its first work programme 2014-2018. It is highly relevant to the experts within the IUCN network. …  

27 Jan 2014 | News story

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