Cameroon delegation prepare itself for CoP 19

28 December 2013 | News story

IUCN organized a preparatory meeting in a bid to harmonize participation of the Cameroonian delegation during the forthcoming CoP 19.

The meeting which took place on November 4th at Mbalmayo was attended by many different stakeholders including official representatives of the government of Cameroon. It was an opportunity for participants to interact with one another and get to adopt a unique vision of how the Cameroonian team should be consolidated.

The importance of side-events was highlighted and suggestions made, for the Cameroonian team to make adequate use of the opportunities offered them by the IUCN, WWF and COMIFAC, by organizing at least a press conference with the minister.

CoP was portrayed as an occasion for Cameroon to present it projects to donors. To this effect, a list of projects that could appeal to potential sponsors was formulated. 

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