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Tail fin of Western Gray Whale

IUCN welcomes reprieve for whales

IUCN is delighted that Sakhalin Energy followed the advice of an expert panel and stopped all seismic surveys affecting the Western Gray Whale. …  

28 Apr 2009 | News story

Curso Caudales Ambientales

Curso Especializado en Caudales Ecológicos se llevará a cabo en Quito

Las personas interesadas en participar en este curso, deberán enviar su aplicación hasta el próximo 30 de abril. …  

27 Apr 2009 | News story
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firma decreto, Río Branco

Estado do Acre, Amigo da Amazônia

Foi assinado um Termo de Adesão e dois Decretos (um municipal e outro estadual) que criam Grupos de Trabalho – GTs para a construção de marcos legais sobre Compras Públicas Responsáveis de Madeira no Estado do Acre …  

27 Apr 2009 | News story
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DAsanka's shrub frog

A boost for biodiversity from the G8

Environment ministers at the G8 meeting in Sicily sent a strong political message about biodiversity and climate change with the release of the Carta di Siracusa on Biodiversity. …  

27 Apr 2009 | News story

Ravilevu Nature Reserve, Taveuni, Fiji

Nature Inc. returns to the BBC

TV series Nature Inc., which puts a price-tag on environmental services such as forests, is returning to the BBC. Supported by IUCN through its large network of scientists, it will be back on our screens on June 5 for six weeks. …  

26 Apr 2009 | News story


Beauty and the High Seas

Luxury beauty brand with an eco-conscious teams up with IUCN …  

24 Apr 2009 | News story

Ignace Schops and Al Gore

Goldman Prize winner meets Al Gore

Ignace Schops met with Al Gore at the 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize giving ceremony in San Francisco on 19 April. The Prize recognizes individuals for sustained and significant efforts to protect and enhance the natural environment. …  

24 Apr 2009 | News story
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Barcelona Congress

Most successful Congress to date says report

The final evaluation report available as well in French and Spanish,of the 2008 World Conservation Congress (WCC),  held in Barcelona, is available for consultation. The report, performed by independent evaluators Universalia, calls the Barcelona Congress the most successful congress to date. …  

24 Apr 2009 | News story

Western Gray Whale and ship.

Making Waves

Earlier this month, the Inter-American Development Bank hosted the largest DCMC meeting to date, with over 85 participants from numerous organizations including NOAA, EPA, USAID, GEF, World Bank, US State Department, UNEP, TNC, CI, WWF, Oceana, the list goes on. The subject that generated so much interest? Oceans and climate change. …  

23 Apr 2009 | News story

Rapeseed field, Vaud, Switzerland

How to stop biofuel crops becoming invasive

Experts have come up with a series of tips for biofuel producers to stop biofuel crops becoming invasive species. …  

23 Apr 2009 | News story


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