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Zimbabwe Members Meeting

Zimbabwe members push for a strong IUCN programme

IUCN will soon have a country programme for Zimbabwe following the commitment made during the members’ meeting that was held in Harare, 6 November 2009 at the IUCN Offices. …  

26 Jan 2010 | News story
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IUCN National Committe Chair for Botswana

Botswana members warm up to the new direction IUCN has taken in the region

Members in Botswana have expressed their confidence in the direction the IUCN Secretariat has taken in mobilizing the members towards the implementation of the IUCN programme. This was expressed at the meeting the members had with the IUCN Regional Director, Mr Ali Kaka in Gaborone Botswana on August 13, 2009. …  

26 Jan 2010 | News story
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Map of Kenya

The IUCN National Committee of Kenya moves to a different level

Members in Kenya have agreed to strengthen the IUCN structures in Kenya and get their national committee recognized by Council soon. This was agreed during the meeting of the IUCN members in Kenya that was held on Friday, October 16, 2009 in Nairobi Kenya. …  

26 Jan 2010 | News story
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Turtle nesting in Setchelles

Turtle nesting season begins in Seychelles

It is that time of the year again and hawksbill turtles are making their annual pilgrimage to Seychelles’ shores to nest. The hawksbill breeds throughout Seychelles, peaking between mid-October and mid- January. On Cousin Island, an early appearance was reported on August 8. Appearances are starting to pick up now and more turtles will arrive in November, December and January. …  

26 Jan 2010 | News story
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ESARO Regional Members Meeting

First regional members’ meeting: Commitment to action

Members from the Eastern and Southern Africa have committed to contribute to the implementation of the IUCN Programme in collaboration with the Secretariat. The commitment was made during the first members’ meeting that was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 22-23 October 2009. …  

26 Jan 2010 | News story
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Le Point Focal Programme Forêt/ RDC et la Secretaire Générale FIB à l'ouverture de l'atelier

Leçons apprises sur l'amélioration dela gouvernance forestière en RDC

L’atelier d’échange des leçons apprises sur l’amélioration de la gouvernance forestière en République Démocratique du Congo s’est tenu à Mbandaka, chef –lieu de la province de l’Equateur du 28 au 29 décembre 2009. …  

26 Jan 2010 | News story
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Council of Europe

IUCN and the Council of Europe Strengthen Cooperation

The Council of Europe will today sign  a Memorandum of Co-operation (MoC) with IUCN. The MoC complements and updates a co-operation agreement between both organisations dating from 1962, and it will be signed during the European Conference “Post-2010 Biodiversity Vision and Target – The role of protected areas and ecological networks in Europe”, hosted by the Spanish Presidency of the EU and held in Madrid (Spain) on 26-27 January 2010 …  

25 Jan 2010 | News story

Mono, Amazonía Ecuatoriana

Comisión de Supervivencia de Especies de la UICN expondrá su trabajo en el IVIC

El simposio incluirá charlas sobre plantas y animales, vertebrados e invertebrados, especies terrestres y acuáticas; con presentaciones de África, América, Asia y Europa. Además, se dictarán ponencias sobre temas generales, como las especies amenazadas a nivel mundial, la amenaza del comercio ilegal, la oportunidad que representan el turismo y las áreas protegidas, entre otros. …  

22 Jan 2010 | News story

Communication meeting in Tbilisi

Communication meeting for ENPI FLEG Program in Georgia

On frosty and sunny days of January 2010, IUCN South Caucasus office in Tbilisi hosted first Communication Meeting of the ENPI FLEG Program. ENPI FLEG means “Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in the European Neighborhood Policy East Countries and Russia” program, being implemented in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. The program is funded by European Commission. The program’s implementing partners are the World Bank, IUCN and WWF. …  

22 Jan 2010 | News story
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Woman with a fishing scoop

It’s now or never to stop the biodiversity crisis

IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre has sent a strong message to the global community at the UNESCO launch of the International Year of Biodiversity in Paris. She says we are all responsible for today’s biodiversity crisis and we must take immediate action to stop it. …  

21 Jan 2010 | News story


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