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IUCN European Regional Office Annual Report 2015

IUCN Europe publishes its first Annual Report

For the first time, the IUCN European Regional Office has published its own Annual Report. …  

24 May 2016 | News story

Comunidad de Miraflores

Se presentan los resultados y lecciones aprendidas de la implementación de medidas robustas de Adaptación basada en Ecosistemas

Los resultados del proceso de implementación de las medidas robustas de Adaptación basada en Ecosistemas (AbE) -que se aplicaron en las comunidades campesinas de Canchayllo y Miraflores, ubicadas en la Reserva Paisajística Nor Yauyos Cochas- fueron compartidos en una reunión de trabajo en el MINAM como parte de la fase de cierre del proyecto Adaptación basada en Ecosistemas de montaña en Perú.   …  

23 May 2016 | News story

Cover 'Transboundary River Basins: Status and Trends'

Key hotspots of species loss and water risks identified in new transboundary river basins report

On 22 May the global community marked ‘International Biodiversity Day’, celebrating the variety of life on earth. Yet, extinction risks range from moderate to very high in 70% of transboundary river basins, according to a new study: Transboundary River Basins: Status and Trends. Climate change, population growth and geopolitical tensions between states sharing waterways are identified as key causes driving the increased risk of species extinction. …  

18 May 2016 | News story

ICLEI logo

URBIS Dialogue - Overcoming the Nature versus Urban Divide

Protected Areas in and around cities offer many benefits to citizens by providing vital ecosystem services such as supplying and storing clean water, reducing air pollution and moderating the urban heat island effect, fostering biodiversity and supporting the local economy. Yet even though there are clear linkages between natural areas and human well-being, nature continues to be treated as a separate entity rather than the foundation of our entire socio-economic system.  Greater collaboration between policy-makers, local communities, urban planners and other stakeholders is needed in order to ensure the continued protection of natural areas, particularly in the face of growing threats such as urban sprawl and pollution, for the benefit of citizens around the world. …  

18 May 2016 | News story

Scadar Lake in Montenegro

Inscrivez-vous et participez à la 1ère Semaine de la Conservation des Plantes Méditerranéennes!

La première édition de la Semaine de Conservation des Plantes Méditerranéenne aura lieu à Ulcinj (Monténégro) du 24 au 26 Octobre 2016. …   | English

16 May 2016 | News story

13A-060-016, South BDR patrol team_Team defining direction to a target point_SMART Patrol_Stephane smiling, Oliver Fankem_ZSL, SOS Save Our Species

A day in the life of an eco-guard in Cameroon

Daily challenges abound for Stéphane Marel Madjaye, one of the dedicated guards who protect the forest elephants, western lowland gorillas, pangolins and other wildlife in the Dja Biosphere Reserve from poachers – writes Paul de Ornellas of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a grantee with IUCN’s SOS - Save Our Species initiative which implements two projects in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.   …  

14 May 2016 | News story

Primer Congreso Mundial de Derecho Ambiental

Primer Congreso Mundial de Derecho Ambiental

El primer Congreso Mundial de Derecho Ambiental tuvo lugar en la Corte Suprema del estado de Río de Janeiro, Brasil, entre el 27 y 29 de abril de 2016. Evento en el que participaron una amplia variedad de actores como jueces, legisladores, académicos, agencias gubernamentales, organismos intergubernamentales, instituciones multilaterales de financiamiento, organizaciones públicas y el sector privado; involucrados en el desarrollo, implementación y ejecución de la ley ambiental tales. …  

13 May 2016 | News story

Training session

IUCN support to the new Marine Unit of the Wildlife Department

In late 2015, on a request by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife Conservation, IUCN Sri Lanka Country Office developed the Marine Strategy of the Department of Wildlife Conservation. As proposed in the strategy the “Marine Management Unit” was established in December 2015 under the Natural Resources Management Division of the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC). …  

13 May 2016 | News story

SOS save Our species, Karau Kuna, Whitley Award,

Tree Kangaroo conservationist wins prestigious Whitley Award

In April 2016, Karau Kuna was one of two SOS Grantees who won the renowned Whitley Fund for Nature's Whitley Awards. Acknowledged for his passionate work strengthening biodiversity protection in the YUS Conservation Area of Papua New Guinea (PNG) through the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme (TKCP), Karau accepted the award dedicating it to his team and the communities with whom they work.    …  

12 May 2016 | News story

El mapa ha permitido que grupos indígenas y gobiernos de la región se unan a la UICN para mapear ecosistemas impresionantes bajo el resguardo de los Pueblos Indígenas.

Map shows Indigenous peoples as guardians of Central American ecosystems

Funded by the Danish government and National Geographic Society, Indigenous groups and governments join IUCN to map stunning ecosystems under care of Indigenous Peoples …  

12 May 2016 | News story


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