Tail fin of Western Gray Whale

Endangered whales are crossing the Pacific

Two female western gray whales, Agent and Varvara, left the coast of Russia late last year and are now half-way across the Gulf of Alaska. For the second consecutive year, an international team of scientists successfully tagged endangered whales off Sakhalin Island and the team is now tracking the animals via satellite. …  

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Mekong river in Xayabouri Province

Conserving Biodiversity and Sustaining Livelihoods along the Mekong River in Luang Prabang, Xayabouri and Vientiane Provinces, Lao PDR

The Mekong River above Vientiane, extending upstream to Luang Prabang, is one of the least-studied sections of the entire Mekong mainstream. No detailed bird or other fauna surveys have been conducted in most of this stretch of the river, which is considered a critical habitat, migration and breeding corridor for numerous species of conservation and economic significance. 

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The only live adult Saola ever seen by the outside world. This female was captured in 1996 in Laos by local villagers, and transferred to a nearby menagerie, but survived only a few weeks. Copyright 1996 by W. Robichaud/WCS.

EAZA-IUCN SSC Southeast Asia campaign launched

The wildlife of Southeast Asia is beautiful and mysterious but under threat. To help raise awareness and conservation funds for selected threatened animals in Southeast Asia, the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) have teamed up to launch a new campaign. …  

06 Jan 2012 | News story

African Young Scientists Initiative on Climate Change & Indigenous Knowledge Systems

African Young Scientists issue statement on climate change and indigenous knowledge

This Communiqué from COP 17 asserts that young people can mobilize communities to use indigenous knowledge to respond to climate change. …  

06 Jan 2012 | News story

Dr Kent Carpenter at work

Unveiling the secrets of the deep

Everyone knows the oceans are in a trouble but how can we properly protect them when we don’t know much about what lives within them? …  

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Project inauguration, Seminar 21 December 2011

Nature protection policies and funding opportunities

Building capacities for conservation action project was opened by one-day seminar that shed light on key conservation policies and funding sources in Serbia and Montenegro, facilitating the dialogue between the donor community and potential recipients. It was organized by IUCN on 21 December in Belgrade, and gathered a multitude of state agencies and civil society organizations (CSOs) working in the field of nature conservation in Serbia and Montenegro. …  

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Heron colony

Building capacities for conservation action

The long term objective of the project is to improve capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and government agencies in Serbia and Montenegro responsible for the implementation of conservation policies and actions. The importance of institutions and CSOs working in the field of nature conservation and sustainable development is increasingly recognized. To ensure effective participation in this process, their resources including knowledge, skills and experience in implementing actions for achieving policy objectives should be correspondingly improved. …  

05 Jan 2012 | Project completed

Photo de famille

Sénégal : les acteurs locaux de la communauté rurale formés sur l’outil "Climate proofing"

  Du 27 au 29 décembre 2011, un pool d’animateurs choisis parmi les membres du Comité changement climatique de la communauté rurale de Toubacouta, a été formé sur l’utilisation de l’outil de Climate Proofing. Ce comité est composé des représentants de la commission chargée des questions environnementales du conseil rural, des services techniques déconcentrés, des projets et programmes et des organisations de la société civile. …  

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CEPIA Bulletin

Aires Marines Protégées et gestion des pêches : un point sur la 1ère année du projet CEPIA

Un bulletin d’information sur la 1ère année de mise en œuvre de certaines composantes du projet CSRP « Appui aux initiatives de cogestion et à l’intégration des AMP dans la gestion des pêches » vient d’être édité. Mise en œuvre par l’UICN-MACO et ses partenaires nationaux (centres de recherche halieutique et gestionnaires d’AMP) en Guinée, Mauritanie, Sénégal et Guinée Bissau et baptisée CEPIA (Construire ensemble une gestion des Pêches intégrant les AMP), cette initiative vise à développer des outils de compréhension et d’évaluation de l’impact des AMP sur la pêches. …  

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Remise certificat

Guinée Bissau : Formation à la gouvernance partagée des aires protégées

Deux sessions de formation ont été organisées du 22 novembre au 2 décembre derniers en Guinée Bissau. La 1ère a réuni les représentants de chacune des sept aires protégées du pays (conservateurs et membres des conseils de gestion, issus des communautés locales), et s’est déroulée à la Maison de  l’Environnement, à Bubaque, dans la réserve de biosphère de l’Archipel des Bijagos. …  

05 Jan 2012 | News story
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