Septembre 2011

Brunner presents climate change situation in the region

IUCN launches EU-funded climate change project in Cambodia

IUCN officially launched the EU funded project to build Cambodia's resilience to climate change at a meeting in Koh Kong on August 11, 2011. This 4-year project will build the capacity of people and the ecosystems on which they depend to cope with impacts of climate change in eight provinces along the coastline between Bangkok and HCMC. In Cambodia, the project will work in Koh Kong and Kampot Provinces. …  

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Wheat growing in India

IUCN State Members come together to meet Aichi Targets through Regional Cooperation

The 5th Asia Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) in Incheon brings together IUCN Members to deliberate on collective action towards achieving Aichi Targets. …  

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Flowers of Balochistan

Regional cooperation essential to conserve plant biodiversity in Asia

A new assessment of plant conservation calls for greater regional collaboration in documentation and conservation in Asia. 

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Mesbah ul Alam and Aban Marker Kabraji, at the signing ceremony

MoU signed between Government of Bangladesh and IUCN

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Government of Bangladesh and IUCN was extended through a signing ceremony on 29 September 2011, at the 5th Asia Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) in Incheon, Republic of South Korea. …  

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Julia Marton, Director General of IUCN skims through the pictorial book "In Focus: Tanguar Haor" at the RCF

Tanguar Haor highlighted at the Asia Regional Forum

 The Tanguar Haor wetland of Bangladesh was highlighted at the 5th Asia Regional Conservation Forum (RCF), for its exemplary community based wetland management system. …  

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Planting mangrove saplings

Rebuilding Japan for people and nature, IUCN

Seoul, Republic of Korea, 28 September, 2011 (IUCN) – As Japan rebuilds after the devastating impact of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami it needs to consider nature-based solutions as a key component to recovery and reconstruction efforts, says IUCN. …  

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August 2011 REDD+ Gender Workshop in Accra, Ghana

Mainstreaming Gender Considerations into REDD-Plus Policy Implementation in Ghana

In view of the critical need to ensure that national REDD-plus strategies address social safeguards, particularly the recognition of the rights and interests of women and other vulnerable groups, IUCN, in collaboration with The Women’s Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) facilitated a five-day engagement with key stakeholders on the mainstreaming of gender considerations in REDD-plus policy making in Accra from 5th – 9th September, 2011. …  

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Valeur économique de la vallée du Sourou : Étude préliminaire

Nouveau film en ligne: La vallee du Sourou

« La vallée du Sourou : d’hier à demain » est un film documentaire qui, en retraçant l’étude réalisée par l’UICN sur le potentiel économique de cette zone humide, apporte une contribution à la bonne compréhension des relations entre la conservation des ressources naturelles et la lutte contre la pauvreté. …   | English

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Bushmen, Botswana

Mainstreaming biodiversity into development cooperation

Next week, from 4 to 6 October, IUCN Regional Directors and representatives from countries in the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) region will visit Brussels to strengthen cooperation between IUCN and the European Union. …  

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