Septembre 2011

La Fundación Patagonia Natural

Seminario Invirtiendo en el capital natural – Servicios ecosistémicos y desarrollo

La Fundación Patagonia Natural organiza el Seminario Invirtiendo en el capital natural – Servicios ecosistémicos y desarrollo, el 14 de septiembre. De Griselda Sessa, Miembro de la CEC. …  

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Two courses by Dialogue Matters: Natural Connections and Stakeholder Participation

CEC member Diana Pound is offering a training workshop 'Good Practices in Stakeholder Participation' from November 1-3 and organizing the conference 'Natural Connections' on February 2, 2012 in London. …  

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La conservation du singe à ventre rouge (cercopithecus erythrogaster erythrogaster) une réussite au Bénin

La conservation du singe à ventre rouge une réussite au Bénin

Au Bénin, Maximin Djondo, membre de la CEC, et son équipe de BEES ONG ont réussi à faire de l’écotourisme un levier de développement dans les zones périphériques de la forêt classée de la Lama. …  

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Cozumel Emerald Hummingbird

UN DPI meeting: day three

During the third and last day of the conference, a round table on the role of civil society in sustainable development decision making and implementation took place. Mr. John Matuszak from the USA government participated as respondent and said that civil society has an important role but it needs to be clear in stating what they want and the role it wants to play in different areas. In the meantime, the draft declaration was out for circulation and the corridors were full of delegates scribbling comments in the document and comparing notes with colleagues. …  

05 Sep 2011 | News story
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CEC member and film director Samik Gupta with a wild caught Russell's viper during shooting of "The Sleepless Sentinel".

Nature website of CEC member in India tops 175,000 hits

Only five months old, the website 'Nature Indian' provides a weekly e-newsletter and database on forests and wildlife. CEC member Samik Gupta is founder and editor. …  

04 Sep 2011 | News story

The Leadbeater’s Possum is major focus of the Fighting Extinctions Commitment by Zoos Victoria - Australia

Connect-Understand-Act model engages zoo visitors in fighting extinction

We will raise awareness and inspire the community to join us in our efforts to fight extinction, write CEC member Rachel Lowry and Bronwyn Hradsky of Zoos Victoria - Australia.  …  

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Garrison Institute Summer 2011 Newsletter

News from an IUCN member organization with links to CEC. In this issue, "Contemplation and Education." …  

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Jeff Morales, CEC member

Interview: Video as a tool for scientists to go beyond jargon

All you need is a camera, computer and compelling story to tell. Jeff Morales of ScienceFilm talks about communicating science in this August 2011 interview by Susan Guthridge-Gould for IUCN CEC. …  

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Join the debate!

UN DPI meeting: day two

In the second day of the Conference, IUCN made a presentation at the roundtable on Green Economy. The main message was that the Biodiversity Strategic Plan adopted in Nagoya in 2010 has basic elements that contribute to achieving the Green Economy. It was well received by participants as there are only a few who bring to the discussion the importance of biodiversity and the successful outcomes of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Many organizations tend to remember the failures of climate change instead of bringing up the good outcomes of other environmental meetings …  

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UN DPI NGO Conference

UN DPI meeting: day one

The meeting of civil society in Bonn organized by the UN Department of Public Information (UN DPI) held on September 2-5, 2011 in Bonn is an important opportunity for NGOs and stakeholders to compare notes and unite voices on the main issues to be discussed at Rio, in June 2012. As the tradition dictates, the hosting government of Germany will submit the declaration adopted by civil society at this meeting as an input to the zero draft on November 1 to the Rio conference secretariat. Hence, this meeting and the declaration that will result from it is a significant opportunity for civil society to influence the Rio Conference. …  

03 Sep 2011 | News story
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