Novembre 2011

Penguins walking on the beach

L’UICN passe le cap de 1200 Membres

Le 16 novembre 2011, le Conseil de l’UICN, lors de sa 77e session, a admis 52 nouveaux Membres et reconnu officiellement le Comité national des Membres de l’UICN du Malawi. L’UICN a donc passé le cap de 1200 Membres. …   | English | Spanish

29 Nov 2011 | News story

9no Humedal Ramsar Nicaragua

Nicaragua obtuvo noveno Humedal Ramsar

El Gobierno de Nicaragua designó como el noveno Humedal de Importancia Internacional de este país al Sistema Lacustre Playitas, Moyúa-Tecomapa (1.161 hectáreas, 12°35'47"N 086°02'48"W).Este humedal se ubica en la región centro occidental de Matagalpa. De acuerdo con la Ficha técnica de Ramsar, este cuerpo de agua dispone de un lago permanente y dos lagos de agua dulce estacionales, así como distintos ríos intermitentes, pantanos y las tierras agrícolas inundadas circundantes. …  

28 Nov 2011 | News story
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Lachuá Lagoon National Park

Protected, naturally

More than 180,000 protected areas—national parks, nature reserves and so on—now cover over 12% of the world’s land area and 7.2% of coastal waters. They play an important role in reducing carbon emissions and helping people adapt to the impacts of climate change. These are the findings of a newly-published paper in the journal Solutions. …  

28 Nov 2011 | News story

Sahel crops where woodland has been cleared for farming, Diourbel region, Senegal

Taking matters into their own hands: West African farmers brace against drought

Climate change means the drylands of West Africa are likely to become more arid and less productive. In the Sahel region, which has been plagued by drought in recent decades, farmers are using natural methods to boost their resilience. …  

28 Nov 2011 | News story


Strengthening the defences

Nowhere are the effects of climate change being felt more than the Pacific Islands where governments are starting to realise the importance of managing ecosystems in a sustainable way to help their countries adapt to this growing challenge. …  

28 Nov 2011 | News story

Olivier Laroussinie, Agence française des Aires Marines Protégées et Antonio Troya, UICN-Med le 25 novembre 2011

New research for Mediterranean canyons and cetaceans

Conservation leading organisations join forces to improve field research on key marine habitats and species in the Mediterranean. …  

28 Nov 2011 | News story


Tiere live: teaching biodiversity

One of the main aims of biology and environmental education is to promote the respectful and emotional understanding of nature and environment among children and the youth. “Tiere live” is a joint project of the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL) and the Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management (ALP) which aims at educating children and the youth by using an innovative approach based on emotional involvement. …  

27 Nov 2011 | News story
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SOS WCS 2011A-001 11A-01-05

SOS boosts wild tiger conservation

On-the-ground efforts to save the tiger have been given a major boost from SOS (Save Our Species) — a global conservation fund implemented by IUCN, the World Bank and GEF (Global Environment Facility) — the project will improve enforcement effectiveness in protecting and recovering tiger breeding populations and therefore addressing the biggest threat to wild tigers: poaching. …  

25 Nov 2011 | News story

Valeria Chamorro de UICN y Linda Cross, Embajada Británica.

Expertos se reúnen con periodistas ecuatorianos para analizar la situación de especies marinas amenazadas

Alrededor de 30 periodistas de prensa escrita, radio y televisión participaron en el desayuno de trabajo “Desafíos para la conservación de especies en el Ecuador: el cambio climático y su efecto en el mundo marino”. …  

25 Nov 2011 | News story
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Interview with Andrea Ghiurghi

Andrea Ghiurghi is the project manager of the project IUCN has recently launched in Albania with the support from the Italian government. …  

25 Nov 2011 | News story
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