IUCN provides input to the EC’s consultation on indirect effects of biofuels

01 November 2010 | News story

After consultation with various internal and external networks, IUCN submitted its response to the European Commission’s consultation on indirect land use change (ILUC) impacts of biofuels.

IUCN’s overall recommendation is that the EC require the mitigation of iLUC risks through a policy that:

a) enables mitigation through any combination of suitable measures within and beyond the biofuels value chain, and
b) creates sufficient value to cover costs of mitigation (e.g. through credits for additional greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reductions).

Should mitigation measures not be adopted, IUCN recommends that GHG emissions from iLUC be accounted for in the lifecycle GHG emissions of un-mitigated biofuels. Such an attribution of iLUC GHG emissions could be introduced after a period allowing for iLUC mitigation measures to be implemented.

Any action should also contribute to and support the development of sustainable land use plans.

For further information, please contact Dev Aiama, IUCN Bioenergy Programme Officer.