Juin 2008

Barcelona Congress

Procéssus de soumission de motions est fermé!

Lo procéssus pour les membres de la UICN soumettre des motions est mainenant fermé et nous sommes contents d'annoncer que nous avons reçu autour de 160 motions. La liste des motions soumise sera publiée sur ce site web plus tard cette semaine. Veuillez prendre note que la réunion des Groupes de Travail pour les Résolutions et du Programme auront lieu du 23 au 26 juin pour évaluer les motions. …   | English | Spanish

09 Jun 2008 | News story

Man carrying wheat in Manang (3540m) Annapurna CA. Nepal

Put nature at centre of food crisis debate, says IUCN

The Declaration on World Food Security, adopted in Rome on June 5, fell short of showing the political will needed to address the underlying causes of the food crisis, according to IUCN. …  

06 Jun 2008 | News story

The Chinese delegation meet with Ghana Forest Commission and VPA steering committee representatives.

China explores ways to support sustainable trade in forest products with West and Central Africa

From April 25th to May 9th 2008, a Chinese delegation visited Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Gabon to explore potential collaboration and to learn more about forest sector reforms in these countries, including the European Union’s ongoing FLEGT1 efforts in Africa. …  

06 Jun 2008 | News story

Papallacta, Ecuador

Expertos de los países andinos recomiendan delimitación y codificación de cuencas según método Pfaffstetter

El método de Pfaffstetter es el método más reconocido a nivel internacional. Dado la importancia de las cuencas transfronterizas en Sudamérica, la CAN, con el asesoramiento de la UICN, está promoviendo la estandarización de la delimitación y codificación de las cuencas hidrográficas. …  

05 Jun 2008 | News story


La sostenibilidad del mundo está en nuestras manos

Varios pensadores latinoamericanos se reunieron en Lima, Perú, para analizar, debatir y acordar ideas sobre el futuro de la sostenibilidad de América Latina. La visión: Una Latinoamérica unida, que mantenga la alegría de vivir en un contexto equitativo, justo, sostenible y diverso; ese es el futuro que todos buscamos. …  

05 Jun 2008 | News story


IUCN and member GNV join forces to deliver message on importance of ecosystems for sustainable energy

IUCN member organisation GNV (Green Network Vojvodina) presented a joint IUCN paper at the 4th Regional Conference: Environment for Europe (EnE08) in Belgrade on the June 4-5, 2008. …  

05 Jun 2008 | News story

IUCN and IGSNRR sign agreement to move forward with HKKH in China

HKKH China Component Implementation Agreement signed with IGSNRR

Beijing, May 22, 2008-The implementation agreement for the China component of the HKKH Partnership Project was signed between IUCN China and the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), on behalf the HKKH Partnership. This agreement is the result of dedicated work from all the four HKKH partners-CESVI, EV-K2-CNR, ICIMOD and IUCN.

05 Jun 2008 | News story

Traditional pandanus mat.

IUCN Training for Pacific Island Magistrates

On 4 June, the IUCN Regional Office for Oceania presented training on human rights and the environment for lay magistrates from Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. …  

04 Jun 2008 | News story

Barcelona Harbour

Sailing to Barcelona - Come onboard!

As part of IUCN´s World Conservation Congress (5-14 October 2008, Barcelona, Spain), Sailing to Barcelona will give a voice to creative marine conservation efforts from various corners of the world. …  

04 Jun 2008 | News story


IUCN at the latest climate change talks

After two weeks of talks on conserving biodiversity, the city of Bonn is now hosting the latest round of UN-sponsored global climate change negotiations, from 2 to 13 June, 2008. Keeping people and nature together in all action plans, and ensuring that mitigation and adaptation practices are in place where most needed, will be at the top of IUCN’s agenda …  

03 Jun 2008 | News story