Novembre 2007

IUCN Council at the hard face of Conservation in southern Africa

World renowned conservation area sets the scene for first stand-alone meeting of Council away from IUCN Headquarters in Switzerland in 60 Years. …  

20 Nov 2007 | News story

Tranh Thi Huong Trang

ELC hosts CEL Law Papers Award winner

Tran Thi Huong Trang from Vietnam, one of the winners of this year's Alexandre Kiss Environmental Law Papers Award, sponsored by the Commission on Environmental Law, was visiting the Environmental Law Centre in Bonn in early November. …  

20 Nov 2007 | News story

Bridging science, policy and the implementation of environmental flows

The IUCN Water Programme ran a key session on environmental flows at the CAIWA (International Conference on Adaptive and Integrated Water Management) in Basel on Thursday 15 November. The session addressed the issues of bridging science and policy, and how to move towards implementation of environmental flows. …  

19 Nov 2007 | News story

Valli Moosa, IUCN President

Message from the president


19 Nov 2007 | News story

Engadine, World Heritage Site, Switzerland

Switzerland in line for 30 new natural parks

Protected areas in Switzerland will get a huge boost when 30 new parks are established across the country. Switzerland currently has one national park, two natural world heritage sites, Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn and Monte San Giorgio, two regional parks and one biosphere reserve. The 30 new parks are in the planning stage and the Swiss government will invest 10 million Swiss Francs a year to support this. …  

14 Nov 2007 | News story


Expanding efforts to conserve biodiversity is imperative

On November 12-13, 2007, in Lisbon, Businesses came together with governments and civil society organization in Europe to discuss how business might best fulfill their role in addressing the biodiversity conservation challenges facing the society. …  

12 Nov 2007 | News story

Life, biodiversity and harvesting honey in northern Kenya

Threats to the environment such as climate change, the scramble for water, and deforestation have created an urgent need for new ways of tackling these pressing issues which cater for all types of inhabitants. …  

07 Nov 2007 | News story

Workshop on water awareness in Aleppo, Syria

A step towards water awareness in Aleppo

About 20 participants from the Syrian city Aleppo were trained to design and implement public awareness campaigns in the field of water resources management. The 5-day-workshop, entitled "How to Design and Implement a Public Awareness Campaign" is the third workshop organized in the Arab Region by The World Conservation Union (IUCN) and InWent Capacity Building International. Two other regional courses were held previously in Morocco and Syria (Damascus) in 2006 and early 2007. …  

04 Nov 2007 | News story