Conserving the coral reefs and rainforests of Europe

"Seen from the urban environment of Brussels, the direct link between biodiversity and human well-being might seem like a vague concept. But for the people of French Polynesia, it is an obvious reality," writes Jean-Philippe Palasi, EU Policy Director at Conservation International (CI), an IUCN Member.

Clown fish in Moorea, French Polynesia Photo: IUCN/Jean-Philippe Palasi

Mr Palasi continues: "If their coral reefs were to bleach and die because of climate change, they would lose the main pillars of their economy: tourism, the pearl industry and coastal fishing. Even more dramatically, their coastline and people would be left without natural protection against the effects of sea level rise and extreme weather events."

Click here to continue reading his reflections on the recent official hearing Transforming overseas territories in an engine for the EU’s development policy held at the European Parliament in Brussels. 

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