Empresas y biodiversidad

La naturaleza nos concierne a todos, incluso en los negocios. La UICN tiene como objetivo transformar la forma en que las empresas valoran, gestionan e invierten en la naturaleza, subrayando las oportunidades y los beneficios de un enfoque más sostenible.



  • Business for Nature calls on governments to take action Photo: BfN

    Global businesses call on governments to adopt bold actions on nature


    Davos, Switzerland, 21 January 2020 -- Today at the World Economic Forum, Business for Nature - a global coalition of forward-thinking businesses and influential organisations, including IUCN - called for concrete action from governments to deliver a new...

  • A targeted-based approach to biodiversity offsets Photo: GRID Arendal-Lawrence Hislop

    Biodiversity offsetting is contentious: here’s an alternative


    A guest blog by Dr Jeremy Simmonds at The University of Queensland explains an alternative approach to compensating for the residual impacts of development, in a manner that is explicitly linked to the achievement of jurisdictional biodiversity...

  • IUCN-PANORAMA with A Rocha Ghana focuses on shea nut value chain Photo: A Rocha Ghana

    How to generate private financing flows for conservation outcomes


      “We don’t need 50 deals, we need 50,000 deals” was one of the main messages from the recent IUCN-PANORAMA webinar exploring how to generate private financing for conservation outcomes.


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