Race for the Baltic

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Race for the Baltic is a multi stakeholder campaign initiated by Zennström Philanthropies in cooperation with more than fifty businesses, local governments, thought leaders, universities and non-governmental organizations dedicated to saving the Baltic Sea. To create public awareness Race for the Baltic will be launching a 3 month, 9 country, 3500 km cycling tour, kicking off in Malmö, Sweden 8 June 2013. …  

04 Jun 2013 | News story

Nature plays a critical role in our water security and the sustainable development of our planet.

Biodiversity and water: two of a kind

Today we celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity. Its theme, Water and Biodiversity, coincides with the designation of 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation and highlights the indispensible role of nature in our water security and the sustainable development of our planet. …  

22 May 2013 | News story

Destruction left by tropical storm Stan in Mexico

From risk to opportunity: reducing the risk of disasters the natural way

Healthy ecosystems and sound environmental management can go a long way in protecting people from disasters. But this fact is not yet widely appreciated among the many parties responsible for reducing the risk of disasters and responding to them once they happen. …  

19 May 2013 | News story


Towards the “Blue Society”

Since the start of the industrial revolution, human activities have significantly altered the very balance of our planet and the lives we all live. These activities have heavily affected marine ecosystems and the way we use our seas and oceans. IUCN has joined forced with a group of organizations in the Sea For Society project.  …  

17 May 2013 | News story
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Improved Management of the Bering Strait

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) have undertaken a cooperative project to identify measures that could be adopted to protect important areas of the Bering Strait region, including ecologically and biologically sensitive areas (EBSAs) and to explore ways in which such measures might be implemented. …  

02 May 2013 | News story

Margaritifera margaritifera, Critically Endangered

Los países de la UE deben contribuir más a la protección de la biodiversidad

Los países de la UE deben redoblar sus esfuerzos para conservar la biodiversidad y aplicar plenamente la estrategia de biodiversidad de la UE hasta 2020 (EU 2020) con el fin de impedir la extinción de las especies, según ha revelado un análisis reciente de la Lista Roja europea que coordina la UICN (Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza). …   | English | French

02 May 2013 | News story
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Students waiting for the diver to emerge from the tank

Raising Seagrass Awareness among Youths in Palk Bay, India

We initiated an exclusive seagrass awareness in Palk Bay since October 2012. Our team visits local schools and then invite the students to our centre for field trip. …  

23 Apr 2013 | News story

Rock Islands - Palau

Meeting on Islands challenges at the European Parliament to take place on May 7th, 2013

Islands – key actors: What kind of partnership at the EU level?

Meeting jointly hosted by the European Parliament intergroup on Biodiversity and Climate change and prepared by the IUCN on EU Overseas Programme, the  Marine and Polar Programme (GMPP) in close collaboration with the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) 

18 Apr 2013 | News story

Community mangrove restoration

Momentum for nature’s ‘blue carbon’ solution to climate change

Efforts to restore marine ecosystems that store vast amounts of carbon have received a boost with the launch of a new website that provides the latest blue carbon science and policy. …  

02 Apr 2013 | News story

MFF - Project Cycle Management Training Participants

Mangroves for the Future Programme trains Local Organisations for the development works along the Balochistan and Sindh coasts

A two-day workshop organised by the Mangroves for the Future Programme on Project Cycle Management and proposal writing concluded here in Karachi today. …  

28 Feb 2013 | News story

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