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Un deseo mediterráneo para el 2014

Con más de 12 proyectos desarrollados en 2013 que contribuyen a una mejor conservación y uso sostenible de los recursos naturales, el equipo mediterráneo de la UICN desea a todos sus Miembros, 
donantes, socios y amigos todo lo mejor para el año que comienza. …   | English | French

23 Dec 2013 | News story

Monk seal pup

Greece's natural wonders

In terms of biodiversity, Greece is one of the richest countries of the European Union. Its diverse features combine with a variable climate generating a great range of habitat niches and a spectacular flora and fauna. In January 2014, Greece will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. …  

16 Dec 2013 | News story

Alboran Island

Identifying sites in the Alboran Sea to be managed for conservation and sustainable use

This week, representatives from the neighboring countries of the Alboran Sea are meeting at the premises of the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med) in Malaga to re-launch multilateral working groups to identify and establish Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the open seas, including the deep seas. …  

11 Dec 2013 | News story

Antonio Troya, Director of the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation and Elizabeth MARUMA MREMA, Deputy Director- Division of Environmental Policy Implementation (DEPI) UNEP, at the moment of the signature.

Trabajando juntos para el Mediterráneo: UICN firma un Acuerdo de Colaboración con el Convenio de Barcelona

En el marco de la 18ª Conferencia de las Partes del Convenio para la Protección del Medio Marino y la Región Costera del Mediterráneo, la Secretaría del Convenio de Barcelona/Plan de Acción del Mediterráneo y la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) han firmado hoy un programa de cooperación para una gestión más eficiente de los aspectos relacionados con la conservación de los ecosistemas marinos y costeros y el uso sostenible de los recursos marinos vivos en la región mediterránea.  | English | French

03 Dec 2013 | News story

The Coypu, originally from South America, is now established in large parts of Europe causing great damages.

IUCN gathers EU Member States to support consensus on forthcoming invasives legislation

IUCN European Union Representative Office has recently organized a gathering with representatives from EU Member States to present the latest scientific knowledge on invasive alien species offering a platform for informal exchange in view of the upcoming Council discussions on the EU legislative proposal.   …  

02 Dec 2013 | News story
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Nature at the centre of regional dialogue

By officially endorsing a 'Big Win for Dinaric Arc' joint statement, nature conservation authorities from South-Eastern Europe have agreed to work together on strengthening cooperation in the region. With the support of IUCN, WWF and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, each institution has formed a set of national commitments setting a new agenda for protected areas and nature conservation. …  

02 Dec 2013 | News story

Atlas Boumalne du Dades (Morocco) 
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Adapter l'agriculture au changement climatique au Maghreb

Le Centre de Coopération pour la Méditerranée de l’UICN a été invité à participer au séminaire «Adaptation de l’Agriculture et des Grandes Cultures aux Changements Climatiques » organisé par l’Union du Maghreb Arabe (UMA) en collaboration avec la Banque Africaine de Développement (BAD), le 19-20 Novembre 2013 à Casablanca (Maroc). …  

28 Nov 2013 | News story

Portrait of penguin, South Africa

UICN acoge con beneplácito a 52 nuevos Miembros

El 27 de noviembre de 2013, el Consejo de la UICN, en su 82ª reunión, admitió a 52 nuevos Miembros. …   | English | French

28 Nov 2013 | News story

N. Buxa

Enabling the wise use of wetlands through integrated wetland management

An innovative action planning toolkit on wetland conservation and management is now available online. Funded by the European Commission, as part of the HighARCS project, the Wetland Resources Action Planning (WRAP) Toolkit offers researchers, technical planners and policy-makers a systematic approach to conserving and sustainably managing aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity at any site scale. The toolkit provides a suite of methods and practices, together with insights from lessons learned. …  

19 Nov 2013 | News story

Gazella de Cuvier

Préparation d’une Stratégie de conservation pour la gazelle de Cuvier au Maghreb

La gazelle de Cuvier, originaire d'Afrique du Nord, est une espèce endémique de la région de l'Atlas (Maroc, Algérie, Tunisie). Le braconnage et la dégradation des habitats qu’elle occupe ont conduit à des populations considérablement fragmentées.  …  

19 Nov 2013 | News story

Mediterranean Regional Office