Massif de l'Ennedi, Chad

Twelve nomination files reviewed for natural World Heritage in 2016

IUCN’s World Heritage Panel gathered last December to consider 12 files for possible inscriptions of natural sites on the World Heritage List in 2016. This includes proposals for boundary changes in two natural World Heritage sites in Russia. As the official Advisory Body on natural World Heritage, IUCN will issue its recommendations six weeks before UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee meeting due to take place in Istanbul, Turkey from 10 to 20 July 2016. …  

06 Jan 2016 | News story

Participants at RCF in Helsinki, 2015

European IUCN members define future priorities for joint action towards 2020

The IUCN Regional Conservation Forum 2015, which concluded this week in Helsinki, and was attended by IUCN members and experts from across Europe, North and Central Asia has identified key opportunities for the Union to strengthen its impact on halting biodiversity loss and enhancing nature conservation. The Forum also presented a timely opportunity to discuss the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Europe, and the ramifications of the Paris Climate Agreement. …  

18 Dec 2015 | News story

IUCN Regional Conservation Forum 2015 in Helsinki, Finland

Regional Work Plan for Eastern Europe and Central Asia in focus at the IUCN Regional Conservation Forum

As part of IUCN’s ‘One Programme’ approach, discussions on IUCN’s Regional Work Plan for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and how it can contribute to IUCN’s global programme was held in Helsinki.  …  

17 Dec 2015 | News story

People riding bicycles over a bridge on the Nam Xong River

New Infographic and Blog: Unseen and unrecognised - allocating water to nature in river systems

By Rebecca Welling. Water for nature is too often sidelined in discussions around built water infrastructure development and subsequent water allocation needs. With increasing demands for food and energy production from a growing global population, many countries look to engineered solutions to bring them water, food and energy security …  

15 Dec 2015 | News story
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Regional Conservation Forum Helsinki

IUCN Regional Conservation Forum calls for stronger biodiversity action and nature based solutions in Europe

The IUCN Regional Conservation Forum 2015 started today with a high-level opening session, sending a strong signal for nature conservation in Europe and North and Central Asia. The Forum is organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature - IUCN, the leading global voice on nature conservation. From 14-16 December in Helsinki, more than 250 participants from 41 countries in Europe, North and Central Asia will come together to forge solutions to the region’s pressing environmental challenges.  

14 Dec 2015 | News story

WEH Meeting in Paris 4 Dec, 2015

World Environmental Hubs, a new partnership with subnational governments

The World Environmental Hubs is a global initiative led by IUCN and the Jeju Government to establish a system for evaluating and certifying cities and regions which place environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and ecosystem services at the heart of urban and regional development. Based on a resolution adopted at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju in 2012, it aims to help subnational governments embrace nature based solutions as a way of tackling global challenges such as climate change and provide them with a platform for knowledge exchange and learning.   …  

08 Dec 2015 | News story

Nature-based solutions to climate change panel at COP21

EU Potential for nature-based solutions highlighted at COP21

Ecosystem services are an effective way in which to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve and expand carbon sinks. The nature-based solutions (NBS) that result from harnessing these services can support the mitigation of heat waves, floods and droughts caused by climate change. …  

06 Dec 2015 | News story

Destruction left by tropical storm Stan in Mexico

Blog: Water and climate change: Best available science or Greek tragedy?

By Mark Smith. Fire, earth, air and water. To the ancient Greeks, these were the keys to understanding the world around them. To modern-day climate negotiators? Not so much. …  

03 Dec 2015 | News story
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The Cerknica depression in Slovenia normally dries out from the lower part upwards, depending on various factors, but climate change has modified and speeded up the rate at at which these sinkholes dry up.

Nature-based solutions for climate resilience – an EU perspective

On 4 December at the COP21 in Paris, IUCN will be hosting a session to discuss European approaches to implementing nature-based solutions as an effective tool to address both climate change mitigation and adaptation. …  

01 Dec 2015 | News story

Coordination Meeting “The strategic program for protected areas” in Tirana, Albania.

More projects on protected areas in Albania

Representatives from state institutions, international organizations and donors in Albania gathered to initiate coordination of projects related to protected areas and to support the strategic program of National Agency of Protected Areas in Albania.   …  

27 Nov 2015 | News story

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