Balochistan Minister for Forests and Wildlife assures full support to the Juniper project

ZIARAT August 19: Maulana Abdul Samad Akhundzada, Minister for Forests and Wildlife Balochistan visitedthe office of the Juniper Forest Ecosystem Conservation Project Office, Ziarat. He was welcomed by the Project Team. He was briefed about the goals and objectives of the Juniper Forest Ecosystem Conservation Project by the Project Manager, Syed Ghulam Mohammad. …  

19 Aug 2009 | News story

Mangrove plantation at Pasni

Tree plantation at Pasni

In keeping with IUCN-Pakistan’s commitment to fully take part in the National Tree Plantation Day designated as such by the Ministry of Environment, on August 18, 2009, IUCN Dist. Gwadar office in arranged to plant 3000 plants in Pasni. …  

18 Aug 2009 | News story

Teenagers model the latest in waste fashion.

Cuộc thi tìm hiểu về quản lý rác thải thành công tốt đẹp

Bạn đã bao giờ xem trình diễn thời trang bằng rác thải chưa? Ngày 18/7/09, cộng đồng người dân tại xã Bình An, phường Thạch Mỹ lợi, thị trấn Phú Mỹ (tp HCM) đã tham gia vào buổi trình diễn đầy sáng tạo tại lễ Kết thúc Chiến dịch Mùa hè nhằm giảm thiểu rác thải kéo dài trong một tháng do Tổ chức Bảo tồn Thiên nhiên Quốc tế tại Việt Nam (IUCN VN) và Công ty TNHH Xi-măng Holcim Việt Nam (HVL) tổ chức. Một số tiết mục độc đáo như váy làm bằng chai nhựa tái chế, váy ngắn làm từ lá và các vật liệu hữu cơ khác, và áo khoác gắn hình chữ thập đỏ, biểu tượng cho chất thải y tế. …   | English

18 Aug 2009 | News story
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Lecture being delivered by Saadullah Ayaz

IUCN joins NWFP Forest Department and Town Committee in Joint Tree Plantation Campaign for Nawanshehr, Abbottabad


International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is implementing a project on “Building Coalitions for Change to Implement Pro-Poor Environmental Fiscal Reforms (EFR) in Pakistan”, in the Abbottabad district. …  

14 Aug 2009 | News story

Asia Protected Area Workshop

Establishing An Expert Review Process For Protected Area Data in Asia

BANGKOK, Thailand - IUCN, WCPA and UNEP-WCMC bring together a wide range of government and nongovernmental partners to enhance the quality of protected area data across the Asia region. …  

14 Aug 2009 | News story

Antonio Oposa

CEL Member Antonio Oposa Receives the 2009 Ramon Magsaysay Award

Antonio Oposa Jr., Filipino environmental lawyer and member of IUCN’s Commission on Environmental Law, has received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2009. The awards ceremony will take place on 31 August 2009 in Manila, Philippines. …  

14 Aug 2009 | News story

Book Launch

Sharing Lessons from a Small Grants Programme

IUCN Sri Lanka Office has been implementing a Small Grants Programme, referred to as the Community Conservation Support Fund (CCSF), to support Community-based organizations (CBOs), Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), provincial and local governments and the private sector to undertake replicable, innovative, community-based, sustainable, natural resources management initiatives in Sri Lanka.  

03 Aug 2009 | News story
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arborvitae Special Issue July 2009 - Strengthening Voices for Better Choices

New! arborvitae special issue in five languages!

From the Strengthening Voices for Better Choices project, a review of the lessons and experiences of IUCN’s global multi-stakeholder forest governance project in five different languages. …  

29 Jul 2009 | News story

Protecting Paris polyphylla, a medicinal plant in China

Protecting medicinal plants in China

IUCN is working with partners to apply innovative approaches for the protection of medicinal plants in the mountains of the Upper Yangtze ecoregion. …   | Chinese

22 Jul 2009 | News story

Expert Workshop on Payment for Ecosystem Services in Miyun Watershed

On 11 June 2009, IUCN China hosted “Expert Workshop on Payment for Ecosystem Services in Miyun Watershed” to gather many relevant stakeholders to share information on Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES). …   | Chinese

16 Jul 2009 | News story

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