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Water Programme

Sustainable water management reaches top of global business agenda

The future of many businesses depend on the sustainability of water resources, which are increasingly under pressure. Consumer awareness and investors' increased scrutiny of corporate water risks have resulted in stronger expectations that companies should reveal their ‘water performance'. …  

19 Aug 2009 | News story

Le panel des Ministres présents

Conservons la forêt du Mayombe : L'Angola et les deux Congo conjuguent leurs efforts

La forêt de Mayombe abrite une importante biodiversité à forte concentration de primates, répartie sur trois aires protégées dont la réserve du Luki en République Démocratique du Congo, la réserve de Dimonika en République du Congo et la zone du Cacongo en Angola. …  

19 Aug 2009 | News story
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Mangrove plantation at Pasni

Tree plantation at Pasni

In keeping with IUCN-Pakistan’s commitment to fully take part in the National Tree Plantation Day designated as such by the Ministry of Environment, on August 18, 2009, IUCN Dist. Gwadar office in arranged to plant 3000 plants in Pasni. …  

18 Aug 2009 | News story

Fishing in the Tanguar Haor

Marine resources & livelihoods

Some 30 million people live in the coastal region of the Western Indian Ocean, many highly dependent on its marine resources and having a significant impact on resource status. …  

18 Aug 2009 | News story

Teenagers model the latest in waste fashion.

Cuộc thi tìm hiểu về quản lý rác thải thành công tốt đẹp

Bạn đã bao giờ xem trình diễn thời trang bằng rác thải chưa? Ngày 18/7/09, cộng đồng người dân tại xã Bình An, phường Thạch Mỹ lợi, thị trấn Phú Mỹ (tp HCM) đã tham gia vào buổi trình diễn đầy sáng tạo tại lễ Kết thúc Chiến dịch Mùa hè nhằm giảm thiểu rác thải kéo dài trong một tháng do Tổ chức Bảo tồn Thiên nhiên Quốc tế tại Việt Nam (IUCN VN) và Công ty TNHH Xi-măng Holcim Việt Nam (HVL) tổ chức. Một số tiết mục độc đáo như váy làm bằng chai nhựa tái chế, váy ngắn làm từ lá và các vật liệu hữu cơ khác, và áo khoác gắn hình chữ thập đỏ, biểu tượng cho chất thải y tế. …   | English

18 Aug 2009 | News story
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Laguna, Andes de Perú

Cambio climático: países andinos buscan encuentro entre la ciencia y la acción

Científicos y tomadores de decisión intercambiaron experiencias y conocimiento sobre cambio climático y servicios de los ecosistemas, en el Foro Ciencia-Política sobre los servicios de los ecosistemas y adaptación al cambio climático en los Andes, que se realizó en Quito, a inicios de julio. …  

17 Aug 2009 | News story
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Congreso Internacional de Mamíferos, en América del Sur

Durante el evento, que se realizará por primera vez en América del Sur, en Mendoza-Argentina, del 9 al 14 de septiembre, se presentará la Lista Roja de la UICN, como una herramienta útil para la elaboración de sistemas de modelamiento y planos de conservación. …  

17 Aug 2009 | News story
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Report - Securing Water for Ecosystems and Human Well-being

Advanced river flow management vital to facing climate challenge

Stockholm, Sweden, 16 August, 2009  – Improved river flow management will be vital to protecting communities from the worst impacts of climate change and to achieving international goals on poverty reduction, according to a new report issued on the eve of World Water Week. …  

16 Aug 2009 | News story

Lecture being delivered by Saadullah Ayaz

IUCN joins NWFP Forest Department and Town Committee in Joint Tree Plantation Campaign for Nawanshehr, Abbottabad


International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is implementing a project on “Building Coalitions for Change to Implement Pro-Poor Environmental Fiscal Reforms (EFR) in Pakistan”, in the Abbottabad district. …  

14 Aug 2009 | News story

Lake Chad Basin

Invest in nature, ensure water resilience

World Water Week, held in Stockholm, Sweden, from 16 to 22 August, gathers more than 2500 experts to help resolve the growing water crisis. Less than one percent of the world's fresh water is readily accessible for direct human use. …  

14 Aug 2009 | News story


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