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Children bathing with a basketful of fish

World Environment Day - every day

As the world celebrates World Environment Day, the negative impact on people and nature of unsustainable lifestyles and practices are felt more strongly than ever before, according to IUCN.

03 Jun 2009 | News story


IUCN Caribbean Member Receives Mcarthur Award


03 Jun 2009 | News story

Saint Lucia awaits parrot population estimate - Amazona versicolor

Saint Lucia awaits parrot population estimate

Analyses are currently underway following a two-month survey that ended in March, of the Saint Lucia Amazon parrot (Amazona versicolor) across the whole of St. Lucia’s mountainous rainforests. …  

03 Jun 2009 | News story

IUCN Regional Directors meet with the President, Director General, Global Directors and other Senior Secretariat Staff members of IUCN

Directores Regionales de UICN se reúnen con el Presidente, la Directora General, Directores Globales y otros miembros directivos de la Secretaría de UICN

Los Directores Regionales se reunieron en Delhi los pasados 23 al 27 de mayo para consensuar una estrategia conjunta …   | English

02 Jun 2009 | News story

Azraq Oasis

Azraq Project holds its Strategic Meeting in Aqaba

Azraq basin forms the largest resource of good-quality ground and surface water in northeastern Jordan. The ecologically sensitive basin suffers from over-pumping the freshwater to Amman cities and irrigating Azraq farms. The IUCN Azraq Oasis Restoration Project, one of the most effective yet challenging projects in that area, held its Strategic Meeting on April 15th to set up the project action plan for the year 2009. The meeting ensured the stakeholders’ involvement in the action plan to illustrate the participatory approach that the project is aiming to achieve. Project partners and representatives from ministries, Azraq District and Municipality, NGOs, , research institutions, farmers and local community representatives have participated in this meeting that was held in Aqaba, Jordan. …  

01 Jun 2009 | News story

Tourism in Oman

IUCN explores strategic partnership with Oman

Despite its arid climate, the Sultanate of Oman is an area of relatively high biodiversity, which urged IUCN Regional Office for West Asia to explore areas of collaboration and partnership with the governmental and non-governmental sectors in Oman. A team from IUCN ROWA has undertaken a mission to Oman responding to the Ministry of Tourism request to discuss a proposed eco-tourism development project in the Bandar Khiran area. …  

01 Jun 2009 | News story

BBP Annual Report 2008

BBP Annual Report 2008

"Synergies" is the 2008 Annual Report of the Business and Biodiversity Programme (BBP) …  

29 May 2009 | News story

Les populations de la Komoandjari sur le chemin de l’assainissement - Burkina Faso

Les populations de la Komoandjari sur le chemin de l’assainissement

Dans le cadre de la validation du Plan d’Action Communautaire pour la Gestion Intégrée des Ressources en Eau (PAC GIRE), une cinquantaine de latrines domestiques sont en cours de réalisation, dans les villages de Haaba, Foutouri et Tambiga dans la province de Komoandjari. …  

29 May 2009 | News story
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Nespresso and IUCN: exploring opportunities

IUCN and Nespresso to sign landmark agreement to make aluminium greener

IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and Nestlé Nespresso S.A., the world’s leading provider of single-portioned highest-quality premium coffee, are to sign an agreement to make aluminium more sustainable.

29 May 2009 | News story

Wild Europe

An Action Agenda for Europe’s Remaining Wild Areas

Europe should be proud and treasure the wilderness it still has, but it needs to do more” said Ladislav Miko, Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic. Wilderness and wild areas form less than one percent of Europe’s surface but are a vital part of its natural heritage. Many of them are facing imminent threats that require a rapid and effective response. …  

28 May 2009 | News story


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