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Lata woman working, Uttaranchal, India

Sierra Club Announces “Green Energy & Green Livelihoods Achievement Award” Winners in India for 2009

SAN FRANCISCO – Earlier this month Sierra Club announced the organization’s first ever “Green Energy & Green Livelihoods Achievement Award” winners for India. The new award recognizes community initiatives to promote green economic development, adaptation of renewable energy alternatives and organizational leadership in a grassroots environmental campaign. The award represents Sierra Club’s growing interest in building international partnerships to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.  …  

12 Jun 2009 | News story

Bartolome Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

World Heritage: A convention at a crossroads

As the 33rd meeting of the World Heritage Committee approaches, we take stock of the challenge that lies at the heart of the World Heritage Convention. …  

12 Jun 2009 | News story
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Mekong floods 2008

No ecosystem is an island

By CEM Member Dr. Ilan Kelman
Disasters kill people and destroy infrastructure. They are a problem for society as a whole. So where does nature come into the equation? …  

12 Jun 2009 | News story
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Shell International

Shell starts to sell advanced biofuel

IUCN is pleased to hear that second generation biofuels is being sold at a Shell service station in Canada as part of a month-long demonstration. …  

11 Jun 2009 | News story

Humedales del Ñeembucú, Argentina.

Guyra Paraguay y Proteger realizaron un taller sobre monitoreo en Ñeembucú

  Participaron pescadores de Pilar, Asunción, Paso de Patria y Ayolas, Paraguay, autoridades gubernamentales, y docentes y alumnos de las Universidades de Asunción y de Pilar. Los pescadores manifestaron su interés en recolectar datos de la pesca artesanal comercial ya que están preocupados por el futuro las pesquerías …  

10 Jun 2009 | News story
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Venado, pampa argentina

Campos del Tuyú, primer Parque Nacional en la provincia de Buenos Aires

Desde sus inicios, la reserva fue un área protegida privada que se creó y administró gracias al aporte de miles de socios y aliados de la Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, durante los últimos treinta años. Hoy es el primer parque nacional de la provincia de Buenos Aires. …  

10 Jun 2009 | News story
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Eastern European Green Belt

All along the watch towers in the Balkan Peninsula

A guide on how to preserve shared natural heritage in the border region of Albania, Kosovo* and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been published today by IUCN. …  

10 Jun 2009 | News story

Landscapes and Livelihoods drawing

IUCN brings livelihoods and landscape to IEA discussion on indirect effects of bioenergy

At a workshop on indirect effects of bioenergy, organised by a working group of the International Energy Agency, IUCN brought messages related to the social effects, including livelihoods and landscapes. …  

09 Jun 2009 | News story
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IUCN organised training on gender and climate change 28-30 May 2009

Training of Trainers on Gender and Climate Change

Over twenty men and women from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America participated in a global Training of Trainers on gender and climate change, organized by IUCN. …  

08 Jun 2009 | News story

Bleached coral on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Happy World Oceans Day

IUCN is delighted to join the international community in celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8th 2009, now officially designated as such by the United Nations . This annual event serves to remind us all of our collective responsibility to protect the world's living ocean and conserve its resources for present and future generations. …  

08 Jun 2009 | News story


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