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Inger Andersen speaks with Director Luc Bas and guests at the European Regional Office

IUCN has key role to play in Europe, says Director General

The rain subsided and the sun crept through the clouds just in time for the opening of IUCN’s annual Garden Party on 7 September. Hosted by IUCN’s European Regional office, it was an opportunity for IUCN and the European environmental community at large to welcome IUCN Director General, Inger Andersen, to Brussels. It was a chance for many to meet the DG in an informal setting and exchange on EU environmental policy. …  

28 Sep 2015 | News story

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)

Updated African Elephant Database reveals declining elephant populations

"Definite" plus "Probable" African Elephant numbers have decreased from approximately 550,000 to 470,000 between 2006 and 2013, according to the IUCN SSC African Elephant Specialist Group’s (AfESG) latest update of the African Elephant Database (AED). The AED is the repository of African Elephant survey data from range state governments, NGOs, and other sources of expertise. …  

28 Sep 2015 | News story


European Commission’s ‘fitness check’ process should result in enhanced implementation of EU nature legislation

In a position paper on the European Commission’s ‘Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme’ REFIT of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives, which form the backbone of European nature conservation action, IUCN supports the scientific and evidence-based assessment of policy and legislation, and calls for the process to result in enhanced implementation of the EU’s nature directives. …  

28 Sep 2015 | News story

Alcaldesa de Changuinola Panamá, Alcalde de Talamanca CR, Coordinador de la CBCRS

Delimitación fronteriza en el sector de la cuenca del Río Sixaola (Costa Rica -Panamá)

En el año 2009 con los objetivos de la coordinación y desarrollo de las acciones para la gestión integrada de la cuenca, la conservación de los recursos naturales y la biodiversidad, promover una producción sostenible y el fortalecimiento del marco institucional binacional, al amparo del Convenio Fronterizo y de la legislación nacional, se conformó La Comisión Binacional de la Cuenca del Río Sixaola y constituye una instancia binacional y transfronteriza de gobernanza.  | English

26 Sep 2015 | News story

The Ambassador of the United States of America to Papua New Guinea, His Excellency Walter E. North with participants at the official opening of the National Training Workshop of the Mangroves Carbon Accounting in Port Moresby.

National Training Workshop on Mangroves Carbon Accounting in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

 25 September 2015 | A national  training workshop in mangrove carbon accounting was conducted in Port Moresby from 21st-25th September 2015 by IUCN / USAID Mangrove Rehabilitation for Sustainably-Managed Healthy Forests (MARSH) project, the Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD) and US Forest Service (USFS). The participants were trained on the Sustainable Wetlands Adaptation and Mitigation Programme (SWAMP) protocol for measuring and monitoring forest carbon in mangroves.  

25 Sep 2015 | News story

Senior Government Officials Expert in Environmental Law

Meeting of Senior Government Officials Expert in Environmental Law on the Midterm Review of the Montevideo Programme IV

The Environmental Law Centre represented IUCN in the Meeting of Senior Government Officials Expert in Environmental Law on the Midterm Review of the Montevideo Programme IV held in Montevideo, Uruguay from 7 – 11 September, 2015. The Montevideo Programme IV was adopted by the UNEP Governing Council in February 2009 as a strategy for the international law community and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). …  

25 Sep 2015 | News story

Daniela Aguirre Torres

Construyendo los planes comunitarios en San Luis, Palo Blanco y La Libertad. "Hacia nuestros planes de adaptación al cambio climático" (Ecuador)

 Artículo elaborado por Daniela Aguirre Torres para el proyecto Comunidades de los Páramos  

24 Sep 2015 | News story

SOS - Save our Species; 2013A-073; WCS; Preuss's Red Colobus; first sighting

Presence of Preuss’s Red Colobus confirmed in Cross River National Park’s Oban Division

“Persistence in anti-poaching patrolling pays off” according to Inaoyom Imong, Director of the Cross River Landscape for IUCN Member and SOS Grantee, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). In 1 year, patrols through the Oban Division of the Cross River National Park (CRNP) Nigeria, have cleared almost 1,000 snares and hundreds of empty shotgun cartridges, discovered 45 hunting camps and arrested half a dozen poachers. But perhaps the cherry on the cake has been the visual confirmation of Critically Endangered Preuss’s Red Colobus (Procolobus preussi) living in the Oban.   …  

24 Sep 2015 | News story


IUCN Sri Lanka partnered with ECO-V in “Kolomba Yathra” for climate change (Colombo walk)

The Kolamba Yathra: an Interfaith Journey for Sustainability was a one-day program with youth of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds walking around the City of Colombo — the commercial capital of Sri Lanka — to create awareness on Climate Change.  Conducted by Eco Friendly Volunteers (ECO-V), the main objective of this year’s Yathra was to raise awareness of climate change issues across the Colombo public, to engage religious and political leadership on climate change action, and most particularly to engage youth in modeling and action for eco-friendly, sustainable methods, climate change education and adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity restoration and conservation efforts.   

24 Sep 2015 | News story

Women working in irrigated rice fields in Bagre, Burkina Faso

Blog : L'eau et les droits fonciers - main dans la main pour le développement durable

Par Jérôme Koundouno - La récente Semaine Mondiale de l'Eau de Stockholm a fourni beaucoup d'occasions d'explorer les liens entre l'eau et les droits fonciers, et l'importance de ces droits pour assurer le développement durable, tant au niveau local et national. …  

21 Sep 2015 | News story


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