Svitlana Kravchenko

In Memoriam: Svitlana Kravchenko

The Environmental Law Programme mourns a great friend: Svitlana Kravchenko died at 62, a few days after a heart attack, in Eugene (Oregon).  …  

16 Feb 2012 | News story
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Meeting of Blue Planet Prize laureates

Blue Planet anniversary: a stimulus for action

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Blue Planet Prize and inject fresh impetus to global environmental action, IUCN’s Director General is part of a team of Blue Planet laureates working on a report ‘Environment and Development Challenges: the Imperative to Act’. This will be presented to the Rio+20 conference and other key international meetings, including the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September. …  

15 Feb 2012 | News story

BCR Coastal Forum 2012, 29 February to 2 March, Chanthaburi, Thailand

Regional BCR Coastal Forum 2012, Thailand

IUCN in partnership with the Sustainable Development Foundation, GIZ, VASI, Thailand Research Fund, Thai PBS and Burapha University will host the First Regional BCR Coastal Forum at Burapha University, Chanthaburi, Thailand, from 29 February to 2 March 2012. The event is part of the European Union-supported project “Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts - Coastal Southeast Asia”.  …  

15 Feb 2012 | Event

18th session of the General Assembly of IUCN

Lanzamiento del Blog de las Mociones de la UICN

El proceso de mociones es un elemento central del sistema de gobernanza de la Unión y un medio importante a través del cual los Miembros de la UICN pueden influenciar las direcciones futuras de la comunidad de conservación y buscar apoyo para avanzar en diversos temas relacionados con la conservación de la naturaleza. …   | English | French

15 Feb 2012 | News story


HSBC and IUCN support Water and Energy Management for the Zarqa River Basin in Jordan

The climate change impact on the agricultural economy of Zarqa Basin upon which the livelihoods of its inhabitants depends was reported to be serious. HSBC jointly with IUCN are now embarking on an initiative to help adapting to such situation.

14 Feb 2012 | News story
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Dr. Susan Mainka

Homenaje a Sue Mainka

Quienes somos parte de UICN estamos profundamente entristecidos por la pérdida nuestra colega y amiga Sue Mainka. Sue falleció el domingo 12 de febrero, después de enfrentar una batalla de cinco meses contra el cáncer. Sue hizo grandes contribuciones al trabajo de UICN y del Programa de Especies, especialmente para mantener el rigor científico en nuestro trabajo. La Comisión por la Supervivencia de las Especies de la UICN, otorgo el día 4 de febrero del 2012 el premio Peter Scott al mérito en conservación a Sue Mainka, en reconocimiento a su trabajo pionero sobre la conservación del panda gigante, su liderazgo en el Programa de Protección de Especies de la UICN, y su aliento a los conservacionistas de todo el mundo, especialmente en Asia. …   | English | French

13 Feb 2012 | Article
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Reporting conclusions on Mediterranean biodiversity wetland session

MedWet assess efforts for conservation wetlands and propose the AGADIR Commitments for the next 20 years

The International Symposium on Water and Wetlands has taken place from 6 to 9 February in Agadir (Morocco) under the high patronage of HM King Mohammed IV. It was the opportunity to review the progress on wetlands conservation since the Grado meeting in Italy in 1991 and to define the road map for the next twenty years. …  

13 Feb 2012 | News story

urban river and recreation

URBES for cities and biodiversity

In Europe around 75% of the population lives in urban areas. In some countries this figure is estimated to grow to 80% by 2020 (European Environment Agency, 2009). With increasing population densities and mounting development pressures, large tracks of land in the immediate surroundings of urban areas are undergoing a process of urbanisation. IUCN believes that investing in ecosystem management and natural infrastructure can play an important role in making our economies and societies more resilient. …  

13 Feb 2012 | Project description
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European Tree of the Year

Vote for the European Tree of the Year

Interesting and sometimes even touching – the stories of the finalists of the European Tree of the Year contest 2012 show the connection between people and nature. Vote for your favourite tree from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Poland, Romania or Slovakia until 29 February on www.treeoftheyear.org. The winning tree will be awarded at a ceremony at IUCN's office Brussels by the organizer of the contest – the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation.  …  

13 Feb 2012 | News story
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World Wetlands Day celebrated in Lao PDR’s Two Ramsar sites.

Ramsar site launching in Xe Champhone Ramsar site on the 6th February 2012 and awareness raising events in Bueng kiat Ngong Ramsar site on 2nd - 3rd February 2012 

13 Feb 2012 | Article
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