Wildlife Times Magazine from Nepal

01 December 2010 | News story

CEC member Mangal Man Shakya of Nepal is Editor of Wildlife Times. Recent issues are collected here.

September: With the theme of "Save the Wild Tiger and save so much more", National Conservation Day was celebrated on September 23 2010. Contents:

  • Save the Wild Tiger to Save So Much More
  • Protected Forest Areas Declared
  • Amur Tigers to Get Protected Area on China-Russia Border
  • Two Crouching Tigers, Some Hidden Dragons
  • Communication Strategy for Tiger Conservation in Bangladesh
  • A Roaring Illegal Trade 

October: Leaders of the few remaining countries where tigers are still found in the wild are preparing for a
make-or-break summit in Russia, which they believe offers the last chance to save the critically
endangered animal. Contents:

  • Biodiversity Areas in Danger
  • Smugglers, Poachers Generate US$30 bil per Year- ASEAN nations
  • Sri Lanka to Farm Snakes for Export
  • Rhino horn found in Ripponden garage fetches £14,000
  • Tortoise's smuggler caught for second time in Bangkok
  • Insurgent groups fuel poaching in East Africa
  • Police in Six Countries seize 25-Suspected Tiger Traders
  • Large Seizure of Deer Antlers-India

November: With political influences and increasing corruption in all levels, conservation of rhino has become a thorny task for the conservationists. The death of eight rhinos in two months in June-July of this year at Chitwan National Park is an example of how rhino poaching has become a serious issue of concern at national level. Contents:

  • The challenges and solutions for rhino conservation
  • Directive for wildlife damage relief 2066
  • Strengthening regional cooperation for wildlife protection
  • Pangolins on the verge of extinction due to illegal trade
  • Indian national held and then released with 27 kg pangolin scales
  • Wildlife skins for sale after Haj- Saudi Arabia
  • Ukraine parliament could legalize poaching