Doum palm material stacks in Komadugu Yobe river basin, North East Nigeria.

A way of life is feeling the heat

International development policies are undermining the long term survival of some of the globe's poorest communities, argues Masego Madzwamuse, IUCN's regional programme development officer and focal person for southern African drylands. She says the skills and knowledge needed to survive in the world's harsh drylands are being sacrificed in the name of progress. …  

19 Jun 2008 | News story
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New IUCN headquarters

Gland即将迎来: 不会损耗地球资源的绿色建设

世界自然保护联盟正在将其目前的总部改建为一个可持续守恒中心,这个工程将为可持续建筑设立一个基准。 …  

17 Jun 2008 | News story

New IUCN headquarters

Coming soon to Gland: A green building that doesn’t cost the Earth

IUCN is transforming its current headquarters into a Conservation Centre which will set a benchmark in sustainable construction. …   | Chinese

17 Jun 2008 | News story

Amidou Garané

From the Volta Basin to the Rhine

Professor Amidou Garané, from the University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), is visiting the ELC this month to work on international rivers governance related to the Volta Basin. …  

17 Jun 2008 | News story

Las diez mejores ideas para salvar la naturaleza

Countdown 2010 - the best thing that can happen to biodiversity

The readers and the executive board of the Spanish Magazine REDLife chose Countdown 2010 among the ten best initiatives to save biodiversity and conserve nature. Countdown 2010 was included for its ability to mobilize resources to meet the 2010 biodiversity target, for its communication efforts and its continuous engagement to promote action at all levels. …  

16 Jun 2008 | News story

Save the planet!

You don’t have to be a superhero to save the planet

Whether it is fighting super villains, natural disasters or monsters from another dimension, Superheroes always end up saving the day. But in real life you don't need to be a superhero to protect the planet. You can start by sharing your ideas on environmental issues at www.connect2earth.org. Watch our new "Superheroes" video and start changing the world today! …  

13 Jun 2008 | News story

Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, Georgia

Nature Inc: Putting a Price on the Priceless

On 13 June 2008, a new TV series goes to air on BBC World News on the cash value of the services ecosystems provide to the man-made global economy. According to one estimate it could be as much as $60 trillion, more than the total value of global GDP. Nature Inc is supported by IUCN, through its large network of scientists and its knowledge database.   …  

13 Jun 2008 | News story

Roosts of the Madagascan Flying fox (Pteropus rufus) are under threat from hunters, farmers and forest fires.

Madagascan villagers join race to protect flying fox

Villages in the Malagasy region of Madagascar are working with conservationists to safeguard the future of eight colonies of threatened bat. …  

13 Jun 2008 | News story

Ravilevu Nature Reserve, Taveuni, Fiji

National Stakeholder Meeting on Protected Areas in Fiji

On 12 June, the IUCN Regional Office for Oceania hosted a national stakeholder meeting on protected areas for Fiji. …  

12 Jun 2008 | News story

Cloud Forest, Des Voeux Peak, Taveuni, Fiji

New Environmental Law Associations for the Pacific

The IUCN Regional Office for Oceania has secured seed funding for the establishment of national environmental law associations in Fiji and the Solomon Islands. …  

10 Jun 2008 | News story