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Bleached coral head, Bahamas.

Corals: facing the death sentence

The future for corals does not look bright. That’s the message from the first in-depth analysis of 2005’s widespread coral bleaching in the Caribbean …  

23 Jan 2008 | International news release

Even deep-water marine communities are under threat from climate change.

Nations urged to adopt global vision to save oceans from climate-accelerated collapse

On Tuesday 18 December at the United Nations General Assembly, the World Conservation Union (IUCN), the only conservation organization with official observer status at the UN, called for the rapid development of a network of marine protected areas to help the oceans cope with climate change. …  

20 Dec 2007 | International news release

Phytoplankton bloom off Argentina.

Proposed global warming solution needs more scientific research, IUCN warns

A new method to combat global warming by dumping iron into the sea needs to be treated with caution, governments and scientists warn. …  

19 Nov 2007 | International news release

Shortfin Mako

Mediterráneo: el mar más peligroso de la Tierra para tiburones y rayas

Más del 40% de las especies de tiburones y rayas del Mediterráneo se encuentran amenazadas con la extinción, según un nuevo informe de la UICN – Unión Mundial para la Naturaleza  | English | French

16 Nov 2007 | International news release

Lisbon marks major shift in convergence between business and biodiversity

Companies, governments, European Union and NGOs reach agreement on next steps 

13 Nov 2007 | International news release

Asiatic black bear

El 75% de los osos están amenazados con la extinción

Seis de las ocho especies de osos que existen en el mundo pueden desaparecer. De acuerdo con una reciente evaluación de los Grupos Especialistas en Osos y Osos Polares, Asia y Sudamérica son las áreas que requieren con mayor urgencia medidas de conservación  | English | French

12 Nov 2007 | International news release

European eel, Anguilla anguilla 
Critically Endangered

Ahogarse o nadar: una de cada tres especies de peces de agua dulce en Europa está amenazada de extinción

La primera evaluación europea de peces de agua dulce revela una diversidad de especies asombrosa, pero también el impacto devastador de 100 años de desarrollo y gestión de los sistemas y peces de agua dulce  | English | French

01 Nov 2007 | International news release

Delacour's Langur

Primates in peril

Extinction threat growing for mankind’s closest living relatives …  

26 Oct 2007 | International news release

Manta Ray

New ocean threats underline need for urgent action to protect the high seas

Marine policy experts today warned that a crisis situation is developing in oceans that will require urgent measures and stronger international law to avoid catastrophic declines in ocean productivity …  

24 Oct 2007 | International news release

Frailejones de los páramos andinos

Latin American Parks are key for Regional Development

The largest environmental event of 2007 started yesterday: almost 2000 people will assist to the II Latin American Congress on National Parks and other Protected Areas …  

26 Sep 2007 | International news release