For this purpose Sailing to Barcelona has been granted the Moll de la Fusta (officially called Moll de Bosch i Alsina). This dock is one of the areas of the harbour which is most fully integrated into the city, making it an ideal venue for major events that are designed to attract large crowds.

In recent years, Port Vell has been regenerated and transformed from an obsolete port facility into the city’s most outstanding multi-purpose area, offering a vast range of leisure and cultural facilities and services. This profound metamorphosis of the Port Vell has served to integrate the site into the city and into urban life to the point where, every year, 16 million people visit this multi-purpose spot, a point of reference for locals and visitors alike.

Sailing to Barcelona activities at Port Vell are scheduled to begin on Saturday 4 October and end on Thursday 9 October. Boats should arrive at Port Vell by October 3.