WCPA Best Practice Guidelines for Management Planning of Protected Areas published in Georgian

02 February 2009 | News story
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IUCN POSC has translated the WCPA Protected Area Best Practice Guidelines for Management Planning of Protected Areas into Georgian.

The Guidelines for Management Planning of Protected Areas, which were originally published by the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas in 2003, as part of a more comprehensive series, are based on experience and best practice from protected areas around the world. They have become the most successful set of PA management guidelines. The document provides a framework for protected area management planners and can be adapted to the needs and circumstances of each country, and even of each PA. The translation into Georgian was produced within the framework of the project “Management Plan for Ktsia-Tabatskuri Managed Reserve”, which was funded by BP.

The WCPA Management Planning guidelines have also been used as a basis for the development of more specific National Park Management Planning Guidelines for individual South Caucasus countries, which are currently being developed by KfW’s Transboundary Joint Secretariat for the Southern Caucasus.


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