Watersheds of the World CD

30 June 2003 | Downloads - publication

Water resources eAtlas

Author(s): Revenga, Carmen ; Nackoney, Janet ; Hoshino, Eriko ; Kura, Yumiko ; Maidens, Jon IUCN ; International Water Management Institute ; Ramsar Convention Bureau ; WRI
Published: 2003
ISBN: 1-56973-548-8

Washington, DC : WRI, 2003. 1 cd.
Order number: 2011

This CD provides maps of land cover, population density and biodiversity for 154 basins and sub-basins around the world. It lists indicators and variables for each of these basins and, where appropriate, provides links and references to relevant information. It further contains 20 global maps portraying relevant water resources issues. There are coloured buttons that function as a menu to select individual basins by continent. Each continental menu provides access to interactive maps and lists of basins per continent through which you can access individual basin profiles. There is also a button for the global indicator maps. All basin profiles and global maps can also be downloaded as PDFs.

Note: Includes maps for 154 river basins in the world with land cover, population density and biodiversity data.