About us

ASG currently has 64 volunteer members, representing 28 countries, and led by two volunteer Co-chairs (Philippe Chardonnet and David Mallon). Members include field biologists, academics, wildlife managers, captive breeders, government officials, NGO staff, and others from diverse and inter-related fields. All ASG members are actively involved in some way in antelope conservation, research or management. Membership is reviewed and reappointed every 4 years.
A regional structure for ASG is being developed, based broadly on the regions used for the Antelope Survey and Action Plan. The Northeast Africa regional subgroup covering Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan is now well established. Similar groups are planned for the other regions.

Working Groups deal with particular topics of interest:

The International Giraffe Working Group has responsibility for giraffe and okapi (Tom de Maar and David Brown)

The Small Antelope Working Group (Amy Plowman)