Strategies & Management Plans

The AfESG has assisted in the development of numerous national, subregional, and continental strategies and action plans for the African elephant. This page provides the current strategies in place for various countries and subregions, as well as at the continental level.


Species Conservation Planning Sub-Committee

The Species Conservation Planning Sub-Committee (SCPSC) was established in 2010, answering to the Species Survival Commission (SSC) Steering Committee.

Its purpose is to disseminate the philosophy, methodologies and processes for effective species planning deriving from Strategic Planning for Species Conservation principally across the SSC’s 120 Specialist Groups, but also with the aim of establishing a bench mark of good practice for conserving species to cope with the vast diversity of species needing planning and the multitude of conditions under which these species exist.

A number of African elephant range States have used these guidelines to help with their planning processes for elephants at the national level.

African elephant flapping its ears.