1. To evaluate the status of all groupers and wrasses by 2010 and produce a synopsis documenting the current state of knowledge for both families.

2. To produce an Action Plan for the conservation of epinephelids (groupers) and labrids (wrasses).

3. To co-ordinate and collaborate with NGOs, governments, inter-governmental organisations, user groups and conservation authorities to provide expert advice in support of solutions that will downgrade species classified as 'threatened'.

4. To encourage implementation of appropriate species-level data collection systems for a better understanding of the status, trade and marketing of exploited species, and identify research shortfalls.

5. To promote a wider understanding and awareness of the vulnerability to overexploitation of groupers and wrasses, both among stakeholders and the wider general public.

6. To promote conservation and management priorities for groupers and wrasses, with a focus on threatened species, including the Napoleon fish, Cheilinus undulatus.

7. To develop and strengthen the Specialist Group membership to most effectively address stated objectives by enhancing group activities.