Disciplinary Groups

Access and Benefit Sharing Specialist Group (joint with WCEL)

Chair: Tomme Young
Contact: Tomme Young - tomme.young@gmail.com


Polar bear

Climate Change Specialist Group

Chair: Wendy Foden
Contact: fodenw@gmail.com
Website: http://iucn-ccsg.org/


CBSG logo

Conservation Breeding Specialist Group

Chair: Onnie Byers
Contact: onnie@cbsg.org 

Newsletter: CBSG News
Website: Conservation Breeding Specialist Group

CGSG logo

Conservation Genetics Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Mike Bruford and Gernot Segelbacher
Contact: Mike Bruford BrufordMW@cardiff.ac.uk
Gernot Segelbacher gernot.segelbacher@wildlife.uni-freiburg.de


Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe

Chair: Luigi Boitani
Contact: +39 06 491 135, luigi.boitani@uniroma1.it

Website: www.lcie.org

Pemba Palm

Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (joint with CEESP)

IUCN SSC Species Monitoring Specialist Group logo

Species Monitoring Specialist Group

Chair: P.J. Stephenson

Contact: StephensonPJ@gmail.com


Wildlife Health Specialist Group

Co-chairs: Richard Kock and William Karesh
Contact: Richard A Kock,  rkock@rvc.ac.uk 
William Karesh, karesh@ecohealthalliance.org

Newsletter: Newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Wildlife Health Specialist Group
Mailing list: VSG Listserv
Website: Wildlife Health Specialist Group

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