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Grouper peeking through a sea fan coral

Crunch time for Caribbean corals

Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, 7 September 2012 (IUCN) – Time is running out for corals on Caribbean reefs. Urgent measures must be taken to limit pollution and regulate aggressive fishing practices that threaten the existence of Caribbean coral reef ecosystems, according to a new IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) report. …   | French | Spanish

07 Sep 2012 | International news release
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Marine Protected Areas Rangers - IUCN @ Nakari Red Sea Diving Safari

A boost for Marine Protected Area Rangers of the Egyptian Red Sea

Red Sea Rangers patrol and protect a substantial portion of the Egyptian Red Sea.  Their mandate under the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) in the Ministry of the Environment is more than just enforcement, as they also aim to raise public awareness on the protection of the Marine Parks by monitoring tourist dive boats and by installing and maintaining moorings. As such, these rangers need to be trained in many field skills relevant to marine management and operations. …  

30 Jun 2012 | News story

Green Ride starting point at Mae Had Pier

A Green Parade for a Green Paradise

 A green parade of bike riders kicked off the ‘Keep Koh Tao Clean, Keep Koh Tao Green’ campaign on the morning of 28 April at Mae Haad pier on the west coast of the island. The event, aimed at raising islanders’ awareness of the growing waste problem, was part of the 2012 annual Koh Tao festival, organised by the Save Koh Tao community group, the Koh Tao Tambon Administrative Organization, and local businesses.          

30 Apr 2012 | News story

Nipon Pongsuwan, a coral expert from  the Phuket Marine Biological Centre with marine experts from various institutes participated in setting up long-term marine and coastal resources monitoring standard methodology for Thai MPAs staff

Marine experts collaborate to brainstorm on setting up long-term marine and coastal resources monitoring for Thailand’s MPAs

Over 25 Thai marine and coastal experts from relevant government agencies and universities brainstormed ideas for a long-term marine and coastal resources monitoring methodology for Thai Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on 17 February 2012, at the Maruay Garden Hotel in Bangkok. The event was supported by the “Evaluating and Improving the Effectiveness of Thailand’s MCPAs” (MEE) and “Strengthening Andaman Marine Protected Areas Network” (SAMPAN) projects.     …  

18 Feb 2012 | News story

Staghorn Corals

Coral reefs and climate change

There are many causes of local and global coral loss but human-induced climate change is one of the main and undeniable threats. Climate change is having negative effects on coral populations via at least three mechanisms. …  

16 Feb 2012 | News story
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Coral reefs 14, Koh Bon island, Thailand