Resilience-based conservation

Severe coral bleach events have shown that some areas of coral are less affected or recover quicker than others. By understanding the factors influencing coral reef resilience, we can develop management measures to increase that resilience.

Our coral reef conservation projects are comprehensive and complementary of each others. We are supporting efforts to train surveyors, to facilitate data centralisation and analyse, to educate, and to improve management and governance.

Coral reef


Project REGENERATE - Reefs Generate Environmental and Economic Resilience for Atoll Ecosystems

Enhancing Resilience of social-ecological coral reef systems in the Maldives, Project REGENERATE engages locals to become citizen-scientists and to gather data on reef health and fisheries, in support of the Government of the Maldives goal to achieve a Biosphere designation and to protect the archipelago’s future.

Using the principle of Resistence-Based Management, this project aims to help environmental managers improve the outlook for coral reef ecosystems, and for the communities which depend on them. It will enhance understanding of social and ecological resilience, facilitate stakeholder access to knowledge, and increase capacity to manage coral reef resources. This will be critical for establishing a network of Biosphere Reserves consisting of different types of managed areas.

This project, conducted in partnership with the Maldives government and the Atoll Council, will be piloted in the Atoll of Alifu Alifu.

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