Group picture - WCPA SC meeting 2013


WCPA Steering Committee Meeting

The WCPA Steering Committee meets once a year to discuss future plans for WCPA and compare results

WCPA SC Meeting Isle of Vilm, Germany, 12-18 April 2015

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WCPA SC Meeting Podgorica, Montenegro 21-24 April 2013


Meeting documents

Day 1

Sunday 21 April 2013

08:45 1. Welcome by Director of IUCN’s Programme Office for South-Eastern Europe and WCPA Regional Vice Chair for Europe - Boris Erg/Andrej Sovinc
09:00   Opening of meeting by Ms Ivana Vojinovic, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro - Ms Ivana Vojinovic
9:15 2. Welcome and introduction - Ernesto Enkerlin
9:15 2.1 Welcome participants and record apologies/adopt agenda - Ernesto Enkerlin
9:20 2.2 Introduction of members of the SC - All
9:40 2.3 Chair ‘s outline of WCPA direction based on mandate and approved IUCN Programme - Ernesto Enkerlin
9:55 2.4 Deputy Chair’s outline of key issues and challenges - Kathy MacKinnon
10:10 3. GPAP Director’s report 2012 - Trevor Sandwith
11:00 4. Matters arising from the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2012 -Chair: Kathy MacKinnon
  4.1 Members’ Assembly (recommendations and resolutions) involving WCPA/GPAP – definition of responsibilities and process for implementation. Pedro Rosabal
WCC Resolutions and Recommendations Background Document
  4.2 National Park CEO’s Forum (hosted by Korean National Park Service) and follow-up - Nik Lopoukhine
11:45 5. Matters arising from the CBD COP11 in Hyderabad (October 2012) - Chair: Kathy MacKinnon
  5.1 Decisions affecting  the priorities of WCPA/GPAP work.- Trevor Sandwith
  5.2 Relationship with the CBD Secretariat - Charles Besançon
  5.3 Providing inputs into the CBD policy and technical calendar 2013/2014 - Kathy MacKinnon, Charles Besançon
12:30 6. Matters arising from other policy influencing processes - Chair: Andrej Sovinc
  6.1 UNFCCC - Nigel Crawhall
Report back
  6.2 Rio 2012 - Ernesto Enkerlin
  6.3 World Heritage -  Cyril Kormos/Mariam Kenza Ali
  6.4 Other policy influencing opportunities -James Hardcastle, Kathy MacKinnon
13:00   LUNCH
14:00 7. The IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 - Chair: Ernesto Enkerlin
14:00 7.1 Update on host country and IUCN preparations - Trevor Sandwith
WPC Outline Presentation
Natural Solutions Plans for the WPC Presentation
14:20 7.2 Update on Programme Working Group and Congress Streams - Kathy MacKinnon
14:40 7.3 Update on Communications Strategy - Jamie Kemsey
14:50 7.4 Update  on Fundraising Strategy - Trevor Sandwith
15:30   TEA/COFFEE (Working Group can keep working during coffee break)
16:00 7.5 Consideration of WCPA leadership and involvement in the World Parks Congress
18:00   BREAK AND OTHER GROUP MEETINGS (Green List Task Force))

Day 2

Monday 22 April 2013


8. WCPA Steering Committee, Task Force and Specialist Group reports - Chair: Ernesto Enkerlin
9:00 8.1 Overview of reports received and matters arising from 2012 reports - Ernesto Enkerlin, Kathy MacKinnon
WCPA 2012 Reports Background Document
9:20 8.2 Administrative matters arising from technical and financial reports - Trevor Sandwith/Zsuzsa Törös
9:30 8.3 Discussion regarding Task Forces, Specialist Groups, leadership and direction for the period 2013-2016, including preparation and role in the World Parks Congress - Kathy MacKinnon
10:30    TEA/COFFEE
11:00 9.

Task Force and Specialist Group priority activities for input and endorsement by WCPA Steering Committee - Chair: Dan Laffoley
Natural Solutions Concept Background Paper

11:00 9.1 IUCN Green List of Protected Areas – presentation and discussion of concept paper and proposed work plan - Marc Hockings/David Reynolds/ James Hardcastle
11:30 9.2

WCPA/SSC Joint Task Force on Biodiversity and Protected Areas – progress report and key issues for consideration - Tom Brooks

12:00 9.3 WDPA/Protected Planet – further development - Naomi Kingston/Trevor Sandwith
12:30 9.4 Young Professionals- proposed directions - Elaine Hsiao
Young Professionals Strategic Plan Background Document
12:45 9.5

Discussion on business lines/certification proposals which require sustained IUCN/WCPA support - Ernesto Enkerlin, Kathy MacKinnon 

12:45 9.6

Other presentations
International Connectivity Conservation Network Linking people and landscapes, Presentation Olivier Chassot,/Graeme Worboys

Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group Maja Vasilijević

13:00   LUNCH
14:00 10. Capacity Development Programme - Chair: Penny Figgis

Overall direction and leadership of the WCPA Capacity Development Programme - Kathy Mackinnon/Eduard Mueller/Dave Reynolds
WCPA PA Capacity Development Programme Strategy Background Document

  10.2 Report from the BIOPAMA Regional Workshops and implications for WCPA actions under BIOPAMA- Nick Cox
  10.3 Discussion on optimising WCPA and GPAP’s capacity development priorities in the run-up to the World Parks Congress - Nigel Dudley/Kathy MacKinnon
15.30   TEA/COFFEE
16:00 11. Publications - Chair: Julia Miranda
16:00 11.1 PARKS - Sue Stolton
Parks 19.1.
16:20 11.2

Schedule of WCPA Publications in development - Dave Reynolds
Draft Best Practice Guideline Schedule Background document
Publication proposal form
Publication proposal : Healthy Parks Healthy People
Publication Proposal - Private Protected Areas
Publication Proposal - Management Guidelines for Large-Scale MPAs 

16:40 11.3 E-Book production: Management and Governance of PAs - Graeme Worboys
17:00 11.4 Principles and procedures for developing IUCN WCPA publications - Dave Reynolds/Kathy MacKinnon
Draft Editorial Policy for BPG Background document

Series editor(s) 

17:30 12. Regional Vice Chair roles and responsibilities (refer to RVC Terms of Reference) - Ernesto Enkerlin/Penny Figgis
18:00   BREAK (Regional Vice Chairs meet-) (E-Book authors meet) (GPAP Staff Meeting)
19:30    DINNER


Day 3

Tuesday 23 April

9:00 13. Secretariat services to IUCN-WCPA - Chair: Trevor Sandwith
9:00 13.1 WCPA Membership
    Membership renewal - Trevor Sandwith
    Membership  application process  (new process) - Trevor Sandwith
    Guide for members (for adoption) - Trevor Sandwith
Draft Guide for Members
    Growing WCPA’s membership - Penny Figgis
9:20 13.2 GPAP Communications - Jamie Kemsey
    Communications strategy in the run up to WPC  – roles for WCPA
    GPAP newsletter – roles for WCPA in content management regarding  standard features for 2013/2014
    GPAP website – roles for WCPA in page management for 2013/2014
9:40 13.3 GPAP Financial management - Zsuzsa Törös
    Financial management of Commission Operating Fund
    Project financial management procedures (setting up Project Budgets)
    BIOPAMA financial management
10:00 13.4 Programme development and fundraising - James Hardcastle
    Review of current fundraising portfolio and ABC lists / pipeline
     Strategic alignment with IUCN thematic programmes, regions and key donors
    Discussion on funding prospects for programmatic work
10:30   TEA/COFFEE


14. Awards
  14.1 Fundraising for the Kenton Miller Award in the 2013-2016 period - Ernesto Enkerlin
  14.2 “Green List Champions” Award - Trevor Sandwith
11:30 15. Forthcoming activities involving WCPA
  15.1 World Indigenous Network Congress Darwin 26-31 May 2013 - Nigel Crawhall
  15.2 WILD10 4-10 October 2013 - Cyril Kormos
  15.3 Europarc Conference 9-15 October 2013 - Andrej Sovinc
  15.4 IMPAC3 27-29 October 2013 - Dan Laffoley
  15.5 Asia Parks Conference, Sendai Japan, 14-17 Nov 2013 - Yoshi Kumagai
  15.6 Pacific Conference on Nature Conservation and PAs, 2-6 Dec 2013 - James Hardcastle
  15.7 Other key events 2013 and 2014 e.g. Birdlife Congress June 2013
13:00   LUNCH
14:00 16. World Heritage Programme 2013/2014 - Cyril Kormos/Tim Badman
15:00 17. Consolidation of issues relating to the IUCN World Parks Congress - Ernesto Enkerlin/Kathy MacKinnon/Trevor Sandwith
  18. Chairs’ summary of actions moving forward
  19. Closure of meeting