1200 - WCPA/GPAP: The Global Partnership for Professionalizing Protected Area Management and IUCN’s protected area capacity development knowledge products

11 September 2012 | Event
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Protected Planet Pavillon 13:00-14:30

This event will feature the Global Partnership for Professionalizing Protected Area Management (GPPPAM) and will showcase the new and planned IUCN/WCPA capacity development knowledge products.

GPPPAM is an IUCN/WCPA initiative designed to increase the effective management of protected areas through strengthening institutions that provide Protected Area (PA) training, providing a certification program for PA professionals, and developing core competencies for PA professionals. GPPPAM will address the PA capacity development needs of national governments, particularly to assist them in achieving the goals and targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Programme of Work on Protected Areas.

This event will also showcase IUCN capacity development knowledge products aimed at assisting countries to meet their commitments under the Convention on Biological Diversity Aichi Targets. Two of these recently completed products, the Guidelines for Applying IUCN Protected Area Management Categories to Marine Protected Areas and the Conservation Planning Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines will be launched. IUCN/WCPA protected area knowledge products currently in development will also be previewed. Come join us!


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