7th World Rangers Congress

15 May 2012 | Event
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Healthy Parks, Hungry People 4-9 November 2012

The congress will be of great value to conservation in the East Africa region and will assist in raising the profile of rangers and especially the emerging community ranger sector of Tanzania. Not only does the growing ranger community of this region require much support, encouragement and capacity building to help ensure the effective management of the outstanding natural assets under their care in this remarkable part of the African continent, but it will also be a meaningful boost for the ranger community across Africa. The Congress is to perform a key role in the longer term process of better supporting rangers and protected areas in the region.


1 Fabiani J.Manyonyi TANAPA
Congraturation for your effots to support ranger"s community and realization of cotributions made by this community through out the World.My advice to you is to make sure that you are getting required people to join the congress. From my experience to my organization,people do consider rangers as un educated people. Hence such opportunities are always not reach to them with the reason that, they can't exchange and share Idears with foreigners.WISHING YOU GOODLUCK
October 26, 2012 - 11:52
2 Ndiaye Souleye Ministère Environnement et protection de la Nature Sénégal
Rule of rangers in conservation of national parks
Le rôle du personnel gardien des parcs nationaux est de plus en plus difficile à reconnaitre dans certains pays. Pourtant la présence des rangers est le principal challenge et la clé de succès dans beaucoup de Pays.
depuis des décennies, les gestionnaires et autres spécialistes des aires protégées ont développé beaucoup de théoriesen passant par:
- la protection stricte
- l'aménagement
- l'intégration dans l'économie
- la valorisation des ressources
peu de souci pour les gardiens
February 24, 2012 - 17:13
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