Identification and gap analysis of key biodiversity areas: targets for comprehensive protected area systems

06 November 2007 | Downloads - publication

Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines Series ; no.015 Langhammer, Penny F. ; Bakarr, Mohamed I. ; Bennun, Leon A. ; Brooks, Thomas M. ; Clay, Rob P. ; Darwall, Will ; De Silva, Naamal ; Edgar, Graham J. ; Eken, Güven ; Fishpool, Lincoln D.C. ; Fonseca, Gustavo A.B. da ; Foster, Matthew N. ; Knox, David H. ; Matiku, Paul ; Radford, Elizabeth A. ; Rodrigues, Ana S.L. ; Salaman, Paul ; Sechrest, Wes ; Tordoff, Andrew W. ; Valentine, Peter, ed. IUCN ; IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas ; James Cook University, AU ; Rainforest CRC, AU

Important Bird Areas and Important Plant Areas have already been identified in more than 170 countries. The Key Biodiversity Areas approach builds on the work done to date, in order to provide practical guidance to governments in identifying those sites which must be protected to ensure the future of both biodiversity and humanity.Series: