Biodiversity Outcomes

Task Force Objective 1: To determine the best predictors of success for protected area in conserving biodiversity ("biodiversity outcomes" such as population increase, or decreased rate of decline), and to establish mechanisms to maintain such analysis into the future.

A set of global and regional studies, in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments, aimed at better understanding the effectiveness of different protected areas types in maintaining and promoting biodiversity. These studies draw upon a number of long-term data sets to produce individual, high impact publications and an integrated final product evaluating the biodiversity outcomes delivered by protected areas.

Assessing the effectiveness of marine protected areas

Working in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of experts convened by SESYNC (the national socio-environmental synthesis center) the Joint Task Force is examining factors affecting the success of marine protected areas (MPAs). The Task Force will contribute data on biological and social outcomes and management effectiveness data from marine protected areas to future analyses, which aim to document and identify the benefits of MPAs at local, regional and national scales to inform marine policy and on the ground management actions. To find out more about this project contact Helen Fox ( [at] or Stephen Woodley (stephen.woodley [at]


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Business & Biodiversity

Business & Biodiversity